Free Energy

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Free Energy

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Factual and Or Fake.
Maybe, If We Invested Our Collective Intelligence and Energy into Thinking Deeply on This.
Instead of Scammeres Wasting it on Creating the APPEARANCE of Free Energy.
Then Ya Never Know, we May Find Over Unity Yet...

Have At It...
Wiring Diagrams and Full Builds Appreciated.

Some Good Channels to get Started

Theoria Apophasis aka ken Wheeler
Hello! My name is Ken, I translate ancient Pali, Greek & I am former Russian translator.

I write books & articles on Metaphysics, specifically Neoplatonic, earliest Pythagorean Emanationism, earliest Buddhist & Upanishadic philosophy etc.

I extensively review photographic equipment & especially lenses; likewise I’m a part-time product photographer & land speculator.

I’m a life-long & deeply enthusiastic studier of field theory & specifically magnetism, for which I have written a book on same now in its 3rd edition.
Lux et Veritas

Part 1: Free Energy Principles & Theory of

Free Energy Devices Build and Science
Sep 27, 2018
Here I’m building a few Free Energy devices and explain how they work and science behind them.
It is important to know how science works.

Hmmm, Something's Off Here...🤔

We Are More Than We Realise...🐙🪓💥👿
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