Parliament House, Perth, Western Australia

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Parliament House, Perth, Western Australia

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Not Sure What Good, Still just Yelling at Buildings is Going to Do.

At Least These Good People Showed up in the Pissing Rain and the Treason being Perpe-Traitored was Spoken Out Aloud...
Rod is the Third Speaker in I think.

They Need to be Dragged Out by Their Scruffs and Held Accountable.

LANDGATE is just One Mechanism for Trojan Theft and Con Troll along with the "Voice" Deception.

Read the full 26 page document that the Government were trying hide. It was only released after legal FOI request.
Full PDF: ... -PDF-2.pdf

The Subterfuge Going on here is Unbelieveable...

August 16th, 2023

Full rally footage.

Rural Action Movement Assembly at Parliament House, Perth, Western Australia, addressing matters at the Legislature level.

Speakers will include:
-Greg Kenney, President Rural Action Movement
--Rod Culleton, Vice President Rural Action Movement and former Senator
-Len Harris, former Senator
-Darren Dixon, Constitutional Advisor

This LIVE stream is brought to you by Courage Is The Cure.

Never pay their extortion racket fines.

Complying with tyrants has a 100% failure rate people, whatever these tyrants say DO THE OPPOSITE...

All State & Federal Governments are unlawful & illegitimate.
Stop doing what they say & take them out.

Neither the Federal nor the State Governments are sovereign bodies:

they are legislatures with limited powers, any law which they attempt to pass in excess of those power is NO LAW AT ALL it is simply a nullity entitled to NO OBEDIENCE...

Free Download of Original Constitution ... c_1900.pdf

We Are More Than We Realise...🐙🪓💥👿
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