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Crop Circle

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New Crop Circle with an 'All Seeing Eye' motif was reported today, the 30th of July, 2023
Kitts Lane West Meon, Hampshire, UK.

Someone Commented that the Shumann Resonance on June the 19th was the Same???
Kitts - St. Kitts is an Island in the Caribbean, and Meon is Mind in Irish.

Stonehenge Dronescapes Photography captured it with his overhead aerial photo.

More information, photos, videos about this crop circle can be found on this Crop Circle Connector link: ... 2023a.html

Schumann Resonance Cymatics
Tomsk Model June 19th 2023

Schumann Resonance 6/17-6/18/2023 audio extracted in PhotoSounder
Jun 19, 2023
Schumann Resonance photos uploaded into PhotoSounder free demo app on laptop & recorded results with phone.
Sorry the quality isn’t great, I just wanted to get a video posted quickly, try it out for yourself.

Yes, I tried all different combinations of settings freq/speed/etc, only recorded what sounded interesting. The whole video is full of different sounds so skip ahead every minute or two to hear some of the different settings.

Crop Circle.jpeg
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