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As Usual, the Shleeping Masses Have No Idea as they are All Being Herded Into the Kulling Pens...


"God did not intend for humans to be livestock on a planet-sized ranch owned by JEW psychopaths"...

BlackRock are majority shareholders of Vanguard and StateStreet;
Vanguard is a shareholder in Blackrock;
StateStreet is a substantial shareholder in both Vanguard and BlackRock;

It is unsure exactly what Vanguard holds in shares of BlackRock as Vanguard is made up of many multiples of LLC's (limited liability corporations);

They are all essentially one in the same; "assets" get transferred between these 3 shell corporations to manipulate market share and control the financial markets;

Larry Fink (CEO BlackRock) has a super-computer whose sole function is to automatically trade stocks between BlackRocks shareholdings as markets fluctuate;

Fun Fact: BlackRock is a majority shareholder in the ATO.

RoadRaven Comment...
I heard some years ago that the average length of time shares of stocks were held was measured in milliseconds. That isn't investing as any honest people understand the term, that's scamming/skimming. The entire corporate model of doing business has become broken, taken over by people who look down their noses at real work and think only in terms of sucking money out of the general population like vampires. And I'm saying that as someone who despises Communists, who knows what it means to be a genuine "capitalist" in the traditional sense, to buy a new machine to improve my productivity to make real products that people will eagerly part with their money to buy. Larry Fink(elstein) is a traitor to capitalism.

Delivermefrom evil...Comment
I think the Fink machine has the share holdings down to nano seconds...apparently it has "advanced predictive programing" as the main part of it's algorithm and is connected directly to all of the (JEWS) worlds financial markets....there is a hidden clue in the term "stock markets"....Bring the cattle to market;

i had some cockhead calling itself "Dr" on the Cairns News website telling me that "the investors and shareholders are the real producers"....and "smart people don't own anything so they have no risks"...and "use other peoples wealth to pay my way"...

I was subsequently banned from the site for proving just how wrong and parasitic the imbecile is;

I soon discovered that Cairns News is a US Registered LLC...it took all of 5 minutes to investigate why i got banned from the site that claims to be a bastion of "free speech" in Australian media;

like you, i think these "investors" are the true parasites of the working class; they produce absolutely nothing and hold no real risk; when a take-over "bid" fails on some up and coming successful company, the "investors" sell off their shares faster than one can blink and collapse the company out of spite; when a mate has a tender for some big GovCO project, they pump up the shares;

in reality, it all comes back to greed; if a successful company owner just let his or her business grow on the back of it's own successes, the "investors" wouldn't be able to manipulate the worth of the company unless they invested in an actual physical competitor to that company;

a company director only lists on the "stock market" to raise the value of the company and enable "greater borrowing capacity" to artificially "grow" the business; most don't recognise that this new "value" is worth nothing more than numbers on a screen, let alone comprehend that the numbers are manipulated every single second of every single day; "rich" one minute, piss-poor-broke and in debt up to the eyeballs the next;

"producers" of nothing should have nothing yet they seem to be the demi-gods of "wealth", such is the world of USURFRUCT and USURY; who said Babylon died?
We Are More Than We Realise...🐙🪓💥👿
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