Why the boycotts will never work. Diabolical.

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Why the boycotts will never work. Diabolical.

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twitter.com/i/status/1662451055614124032 This tic tok linked to twitter really explains the diabolical plan for Americans to unwittingly destroy our own country ourselves. This explains so much. I hope you will highlight on your podcast.
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Re: Why the boycotts will never work. Diabolical.

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Hello Late4theSky and Welcome.
Yes, Lockstep Demoralisation.
Yuri Besmenov Informed Us

Would you Care to Say Hello and Share a Bit about Youself and How you Came Here?

FULL INTERVIEW with Yuri Bezmenov: The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion (1984)

A Tad Longer than Vincent on Tik Tok ...

Joe Cortina - March 26, 2022

"I worked with Yuri years ago.
At the time i was already deeply involved in Anti -Communist lecture talk shows and TV interviews.

Yuri was an inspiration to me to be a ‘whistle blower/teacher to warn us of the Marxist rot I saw all around us.
Then i discovered the REAL TRUTH about the average American.

We could care less about hearing ‘unpleasant things’. American can’t HANDLE UGLY TRUTHS!

All we care about are children’s diversions like the NFL and tailgate parties- or bigger cars and bigger boats and more luxury in our lives.
We are obsessed with money and material things.
Our so called Christian faith is a joke – a carnival act played out by greedy con artists who have done more to destroy authentic family values that ALL of the KGB and other bad influences combined!

Long ago I served in uniform as an elite Special Forces airborne commander – my reason?

Today we are nothing more than a war mongering murderous mercenary terrorist organisation – in for the good money and thrills of a licence to kill!
I trained a LOT of your young sons how to PROTECT THE UNITED STATES – NOT ISRAHELL!

In my own lifetime I have watched TWO ENTIRE GENERATION of children go from decency to degenerate.
I have not heard an intelligent conversation among adults for DECADES!

Our schools are now mere factories that are more interested in infusing nonsense in place of wisdom. – materialism instead of morality – and heresy in place of HISTORY.

We have never been more ignorant or indifferent of all that is important in life since I was born.
We have been raised on endless serial LIES and false flag events.
We have been in state of unprovoked war since 1812.

Our fiat currency money is now as worthless as Monopoly money – our lower income class income population is about to be wiped out and we don’t give a damn as long as SOMEBODY ELSE SUFFERS!

BTW Know how and WHY Yuri died?
He died in desperation – of a broken heart – as an alcoholic – WHY?
Because what happened to him has happened to me.

We were from different worlds – but we were brothers in our goals.
WE BOTH gave our LIVES to try to wake up a sleeping ignorant ‘merka’ to the dangers all around us – but it interfered with our NFL games – so we just ignored the warnings.

We are a nation of adults with the intellects of children.
2 thousand years ago 2 great beings tried to warn us of our ignorance and the consequences of self-inflicted stupidity.

One was the Roman philosopher Cicero; Before he was murdered for speaking the TRUTH – he stated :
“A man who know nothing of history before he was born – will live his life as a child”
sound like the average merkan today?

The second warning was from the Son Of God as He exposed the evil jews who were about to murder Him also for speaking the TRUTH.
He said this about them: :YOU ARE OF YOUR FATHER – THE DEVIL – who is a liar and a murderer – and these lusts of your father YOU WILL DO!”
The jews had Him murdered shortly after he exposed them.

Plato warned his people – nobody listened
Christ warned His people – nobody listened
Yuri warned our people – nobody listened
I tried to warn my own people – nobody listened

it will NOT end well."
We Are More Than We Realise...🐙🪓💥👿
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Re: Why the boycotts will never work. Diabolical.

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"It will make things difficult, if it becomes known among the peoples of the Weave that they have among them a new ally who happens to be immune to our particular kind of gentle persuasion."
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