I Tried to UN-ALIVE MYSELF - Stephen Hilton

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I Tried to UN-ALIVE MYSELF - Stephen Hilton

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Sep 29, 2022
Exactly what happened THAT DAY

I Just was Synchronistically led to this Man's Series of Videos this morning via a Random Link.
I have 'Lost' a few Friends and Acquaintances to Suicide During my life.

It Struck me again, that We, that are Awake, are All Soldiering On In Spite of the Burden of Knowledge we Carry.

I Think of You All as Having Loving Family and Friends Around You and that I am An Anomaly, Being Physically Alone with Only this Platform to Type a Virtual Communication Through.

But I Suspect a LOT of Us are Physically Alone out Here.

I Realise that Joy has been Absent in my Own Existence for Quite a while now.
Not Least Exacerbated by the Agenda and the Background Radiation of Dystopia that Permeates, Regardless of all I Implement to Remain Positive.

I Want to Speak About this, as I Know I Cry at Least Once a Day, Sometimes More.
I Do Not Consider Myself Weak or Unstable.
In Fact the Opposite.

I am a Sensitive Soul that Wears her Heart on her Sleeve but Says Fuck a Lot and can Appear Quite Bossy, to Cover Up my Vulnerability.

I Know Too Much to be 'Happy' but must Still Try Somehow.

Please Know that Even and Especially in Your Darkest Times You Can ALWAYS Reach Out.

Don't Believe that Destructive Voice in Your Head .

You ARE Loved.

Talk to Someone you Trust.
Talk Here...No Judgements.

We Must Support Each Other and Drop Any Divisive Bullshit from Within.
We Must Look Out for Each Other.

I Have Lost So Many Friends Now and I Know my Own Struggles with Depression Over the Years.

Please, PM me Anytime if you want.
I Wont try to 'Fix' you
I Will Listen in Confidentiality.

My Love to You All, Dear Crows...

Our Strength is In Our Humanity.


We Are More Than We Realise...🐙🪓💥👿
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