Short Memories

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Short Memories

Post by Boadicea »

Short Memories

These De-Molay Paedo Parasites...
Scummo from Marketing Still Back-Pedal Breathing I See...


Waking Up Remnant World Wide
Look at what's coming out now - the Hillsong saga & their spending habits. One of Scott Morrison's close circle of friends - Brian Houston.
What an ABSOLUTE disgrace!!!

Joker's World
i'm still shocked people actually trust these psychotic tyrants.

There's There's special rope kept just for you Morrison grrr

The deaths will continue for at least 80 years.

We Are More Than We Realise...🐙🪓💥👿
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Re: Short Memories

Post by BananaMulcher »

I really wish I could share such material with close ones, without them being walled off immediately by the first hint of an opposing perspective. The background music, while entertaining, only exacerbates this.
"It will make things difficult, if it becomes known among the peoples of the Weave that they have among them a new ally who happens to be immune to our particular kind of gentle persuasion."
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