The "Dark" And "Divine" Side Of Kundalini Yoga

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Re: The "Dark" And "Divine" Side Of Kundalini Yoga

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philstone wrote: Mon Mar 20, 2023 5:10 am If you were following the conversation, I was in pursuit of someone demonstrating the ability to demystify the mystical language. I mean any idiot can read a psalm or post a video of someone saying some mystical mumbo jumbo and look like they have a clue what they are talking about when they are just using someone else's soulful outpourings to make themselves seem like the soul who clearly understood it.

Since I started the thread, that's two of you, given every opportunity to demystify and all you've done is use other peoples content to make it appear like you said something when really you were only using someone else's words.

Is there anyone who can solve the riddle about some god that has a tent in the sky and put the sun it? That's what it sounds like right? It has a meaning which wasn't that clear to me when I first read it, but after I woke up to the spiritual deception, it made sense.

I guess what I am asking is am I alone in here in understanding this stuff and should I just post Alan Watts videos pretending it would be useful to those who do not know that they do not know. I have a lot of questions about the whole darkness of the skies and though there are those who are keen to lead me, I am keen to avoid being led up a garden path by those who are more blind than me. Tell me I have a skelf in my eye right?
In my reply to you, I wasn't even attempting to demystify the video in the OP., as I don't know enough about Yoga. I was replying to the line in your post, "Everyone talks about how to get there but where do you hear about what its like for those who are there." "There" is a common theme in art, literature and folk tales. In the L. Frank Baum novel that you've read., for example, "there" could be that place "over the rainbow". In replying to that part of what you posted, I discussed in my own words too that "there" isn't as important as the journey, and by that I didn't mean the rat race journey but the journey in which one tries to enjoy just living in the moment.
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Re: The "Dark" And "Divine" Side Of Kundalini Yoga

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philstone wrote: Mon Mar 20, 2023 5:10 amI guess what I am asking is am I alone in here in understanding this stuff
Yes 😎
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