The Three Response System

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The Three Response System

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From the transcript at Tavistock Institute of Mind Control article:
According to Dr Coleman, the best-kept secret and research that came out of Tavistock is the Three System Response. The Three System Response is how the population reacts to stress, resulting from a contrived situation. A contrived situation is a crisis management exercise for world leaders.

During a crisis, the first response is Superficiality, which is the condition that manifests when a group reacts to a threat by adopting shallow advertising and slogans, which they attempt to pass off as ideals, because the cause of the crisis is not identified. It leaves the population confused and this phase can last as long as the controller wants it to.

The second phase is called Fragmentation, in which panic strikes and social cohesion falls apart. This results in society to break up into small groups, forming different attitudes and beliefs, due to media manipulation. No one is on the same page. No one is getting the truth and people become divided and fragmented from each other.

This causes civil unrest, protests, verbal fights, physical fights, all caused by humans failing to identify the cause of the crisis

The third phase is called the Fantasy Trip. This is what Tavistock calls “dissociation”. In this last phase of the psyop, people have been so traumatized from the false flag event that they block it out or lose interest and all hope and humanity. This dissociation causes people to allow their liberties to get taken away, which ushers in Communist legislation without a fight
We are indeed a population in stress. I can see some overlap with Dr. Mattias Desmet's Mass Formation theory of psychosis. The two may even be describing the same phenomena in their own ways. Anyway, I actually posted this to remind myself to revisit the topic as time permits :cool:
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