Japanese doctors say "NO!!" to merging health insurance to MyNumber

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Japanese doctors say "NO!!" to merging health insurance to MyNumber

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Article link in an archive because Reclaim The Net ironically got subverted and owned by Cuckflare.
https://web.archive.org/web/20230226095 ... digital-id
Or if you prefer I2P: http://goolag.i2p/window?nojs=1&locatio ... digital-id
Choose your condom.

Just as a quick explanation, us Japanese citizens don't carry around an ID card at all times (they don't even exist, the closest to it is either a drivers license or an optional ward/city office issued card), so J-Gov came up with the MyNumber card.
MyNumber is what an SSN is in America, every resident (Japanese and foreigners included) has a MyNumber, but getting a physical card is optional (for now), and it's extremely unpopular, many people rightfully so are concerned about its privacy implications the card carries way too much personal information, so the vast majority of the people refused to get the card.

Then the government started luring people into getting it using a mascot, "muh convenience" claims which they've long undone anyway, the one time covAIDS stimulus of 100,000 yen which they at first were going to give to everyone with no strings attached and then turned into "but you must get a MyNumber card first" at the very last minute, and now they were supposed to merge the decentralized health insurance cards into the MyNumber slavery system by 2024, and since so many elderly rely on health insurance (and there are many of them), plus the fact that having one is mandatory, they technically stopped luring and started outright coercing everyone into getting a card.
And thankfully even that has seemingly failed, because now they're "trying to find an alternative system for those who don't have a card yet".

I had to explain this bit, because this is what Reclaim The Net keeps getting wrong at, as they call MyNumber a digital ID, which it isn't.
It's just a physical plastic card for something that everyone already has by default.
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