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This is the section to discuss and share info, research and links relating to any alternative beliefs and theories.
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jim stone's other forums

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rare thing for him to do, but he put this up today.

Here are some other forums if for some reason an AI attacked your watering hole that are a match, if not superior.
1. City-data.com The biggest thing out there, and you can speak freely. Membership required to post. You have to browse past all the city and regional forums to find the current events forum, which is huge. It would be better without the countless subcategories but the main news thread still gets an awful lot of traffic. It is damn near a membership free (to view) AOL.

2. Timebomb2000.com This is a much smaller forum with active and fully vetted members. No bullshit gets posted there, if it lands there it is accurate and there's always a lot of decent stuff posted. It is one of those places where if you post crap that is inaccurate, you get flushed. To use this forum, click timebomb2000 and scroll way down. You'll then find the relevant stuff.

3. Stormfront.orgThis is also a larger forum than the one that is currently tripping bans, and you can speak more freely. However, it is not as good for getting news because despite having many more thousands of people online simultaneously, they all get split off into subcategories, it's not an efficient news hit. But the current events thread is still OK, it gets hit more than any other.

4. Beforeitsnews.com I never hit this one unless I am desperate because it is the wild wild west where anyone will shoot you pure unadulterated bullshit whenever possible. But some real gems can land there if you have any discernment. You'll get nailed by ads.

5. Rumormillnews.com This one moves slower than other forums and it misses a lot because there are only about 20 people who are allowed to post. But they are active posters and hit enough good stuff to make the site a worthy hit. BS can get posted there but they care about it when it does get posted so it's not the wild west. All threads are sequential from time of posting regardless of how many hits they get hit so good stuff does not stay on top. But a useful feature is that once you hit it, when you return later anything you did not see is headlined in red.

There are many other forums and sites that are worthy hits, but if you want to be efficient those are the big ones that I know of, other than the obvious ones like the chans or reddit or ATS or others that are so inefficient they are useless if you need to move through things fast. "
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