Miles Mathis thread

Topics covering the globalist psychopaths, eugenics, paedophilia, secret societies and the plan for a new world order.
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Miles Mathis thread

Post by pierre »

not sure where to put this, so I started up a new thread... worth quoting from his latest.
"Not everyone can breathe in the depths as well as I can, but you don't have to be a professional
spelunker or freediver to get the gist: it is all a colossal scam. You have been living in an actual
Matrix, created not by robot bugs but by people with no concern for truth, dignity, or honor. They will
say whatever it takes to maintain their millennia-old hegemony. And what it takes, as we have seen, is
a truly stupendous full-spectrum conjob, treating you as a helpless moron from birth, and crushing you
back into imbecility any time you begin to get a clue. You have been drugged, poked, jabbed,
aerosoled, sprayed, gaslighted, threatened, shamed, squashed, gatekept, fractured, split, robbed,
cheated, boxed, kettled, caged, and isolated, all to prevent you from competing with these completely
corrupt homunculi, these inbred, godless monstrosities of skin and bone who only vaguely resemble
living spirits."

and we can add jabbed to the list of abuses. the biggie in my view.

I hope my quoting him a lot has helped him get past the restrictions and got more people looking up the 'Phoeniecian Navy' (the jews)
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