Call for Australian Tribes to Unite

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Call for Australian Tribes to Unite

Post by Boadicea »

January 9th, 2023

On the 6th of January 2023, multiple Tribal Nations representatives gathered to call out for National and International Tribal Unity and an International Human Rights Tribunal.

A message to the Russian Federation and the World was also sent to request an International Human Rights Tribunal be held immediately for the past and ongoing Genocide of the Tribal people of these lands many know as Australia.

The child trafficking of our children, of which many are abused and, in many cases, never seen again by family and under International Law and the Geneva Convention the forced removal of a child from one group to another constitutes GENOCIDE.

We face a cruel and deliberate systematic genocide and are calling on International Community to intervene immediately. We are calling on a Global Tribal Unity to Unite and stand as one against the corporations and globalist responsible for killing us off and destroying our Mother Earth.

It's time to unite to protect all human beings, our Mother Earth and above all our children. Child trafficking is the number one pandemic that exists, and we are calling for an end to all child trafficking globally and to stop the unlawful stealing and genocide of the Oldest Living Culture on the Planet.

We are calling on all Tribes of the Planet to light your fires in recognition of each other's Customs, Laws, Boundaries and Ancient Pactum's we have head in place for Millennia.
We call this Unity in honor of the late Yidaki (Didgeridoo) Healer for the Planet and Water Dreaming Holder.

In his words, "Unite all the Yolngu (Tribal) People and Unite the Yolngu and Balanda (European) People to protect the land and water together". Mr. Gurruwiwi, was a True Healer for the Planet and People and above all the Children and Water.

As he stated, "I come from nature, Nature gave me my lore". We are of the land, we belong to the land, that is our Ancestors, we must protect our Ancestors.

100% Percent With You Lurnpa...
Truth Is Lurnpa, Charles is Not Honourable Nor a King.
He is Completely One of Them...
And Doesn't Give a Shit About Us Or Your Father.

We Do NOT Require Permission...

Also Reiner Fuellmich is Suss, Talks a Lot and Nothing Happens, Except Funds Disappear.🤔
And Russia is NOT Going to Help Mate.

It's Up to Us.
Always Has Been.
Time for Us ALL to Stand Up and Unite in NO!!!


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Re: Call for Australian Tribes to Unite

Post by pierre »


I hear the nice words, but behind it all , the timing and all that, is Lucifer and talk of light and healing (tikun olem in hebrew)... they just jabbed half the abbo kids for Christ's sake. Their amazing powers of observation and insights into the nature of the Demons amongst us is like that abbo in Crocodile Dundee and his night vision.

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