Gargantuan Eclectic Repository Of Information Freely Downloadable

Covering all aspects of the spirit, metaphysics and energy work including meditation, divination, lucid dreaming, shamanism etc.
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Gargantuan Eclectic Repository Of Information Freely Downloadable

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Some may have heard of TheOccult.Bz over the years, an invite only torrent tracker mostly focusing on occult knowledge. Their library was leaked and uploaded onto Concen about a year ago. The data is impressive which ranges from parapsychology, lucid dreams / astral projection, chaos magic, to alchemy and everything in-between. I hope I'm not breaking the rules by posting this however if I am no worries if this gets deleted. Godspeed to all ... tle=occult Scroll down until you see Content Leaked.

In addition, here is another massive amount of information that is available from Google & Microsoft. Someone uploaded Mark Passios "ARK DRIVE" (amazing repository of knowledge) to these two file hosting services. I spent two days acquiring all of it which was somewhat tedious as occasionally downloads will break. With OneDrive, you're best to download small chunks at a time. With Google, I had better luck, but it did take persistence. ... j3Ky?pli=1

I'm having a hard time pasting the OneDrive link. You have to copy/paste and remove spaces I have added. ... B2B305E35D
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