Everyone Please Take Care This X-Mass 🙏

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Everyone Please Take Care This X-Mass 🙏

Post by Boadicea »

Just Thought to mention the Obvious Trigger and Trauma that this Time of Year Causes Many in just Pre Trojan Horse Covidiocy Times.

Many of us are Now Separated from our 'Families' and are Going it Alone and Isolated.

The Constant Low Grade Anxiety Churning in the Solar Plexus, can Wear Down the Adrenals and Leave us Exhausted.
Compounded by the Incessant Nexrad Frequency Radiation and Geo-Engineering.

Who the Fuck Knows or Even Cares what level of Jumanji Fuckery we are on at this Stage and Looks Like it is Just the Beginning.

Please Take Measures to Fortify Your Being as best You Can.

If You are Fortunate to have Someone in 3D to Commune With then maybe get Together.

Don't Knowingly Expose Yourself to Toxic People, Places and Things.
I Think it's Better to be Alone than Endure the Hell of Zombies.

Nourish your Body as Best You Can.

Avoid Getting 'Wasted' there is NO Refuge in it.
Only Compounds the Insanity and Exponentially Increases the Pain.

Take a Break from the Fear Porn Vids on Alt Platforms.

Take a Break from Tech Altogether!

Maybe Do Some Practical Things you have been Putting Off as the Committee in the Head Says "What's the Point"
Do it Anyway, it Gives a Sense of Achievement and Shifts the Low Frequency Energy.

Hugely Beneficial...

Find a Stupid Video and Have a Really Good Laugh.

I Realised I hadn't Laughed for a Couple of Years and Put on an Old Peter Kay 'The Tour that Didn't Tour Tour' Video for a Rare Friend's Visit.
Find Something You Relate to.

It Was SO Good to Laugh in Spite of the Heavy Burden of Knowledge that we Posess.

We Know that the Solstice (Sun Still) Celebrations and Meanings have been Hi-Jacked and Re-Purposed as has EVERYTHING.
It is Just Another Day but One Fraught with Traps.

In a Past Life, I helped out playing at Lunches for Homeless and People who were Alone via Drug and Alcohol Demons.

Such Incredibly Heartbreaking Stories of Misadventure.
Usually Caused by the Usual Suspects and the Lack of Access to the Truth of the Lie being Inflicted on us All.

Compassion, Kindness and Empathy is what Defines us as Human Beings and I can be an Army of One in my Everyday Life even if I have No Contact with Living Breathing Bodies for weeks at a Time.

Reach Out and Touch Someone and Ask How They Are.
I Know I Need Lots of Practice Just Listening and Refraining from wanting to Jump In and 'Fix'

I Think This is hy I Find Max's Talks so Enlightening.
He Doesn't Ever Preach, just Socratically Muses as I Innerstand (Thanks Max...😉) and Re Member.

I am Tired of Right-Fighting and all the Circus Circus,

I Long to Get Past my Childish Ego and just Get On with Uplifting Each Other, without this Perpetrated Insanity.

All I Know is that I TRULY KNOW Very Little if Anything.

I Do Know that I Do NOT Want to Live in a Place that is Devoid of Kindness, Empathy and Compassion.

Maybe we can have a Virtual Gathering in the Crow Bar for Those Alone?

Popping in and Out for Chats?

To ALL the Beautiful Souls that Come Here, May I Say from the Bottom of my Being...
Thank You...😢💖🙏

You have Helped me More Than You Will Ever Know, Through Some Extremely Trying and Lonely Times.

I Wish You All and Individually the Highest Good.

In Lak'ech...


Listen w Sound in Stereo
We Are More Than We Realise...🐙🪓💥👿
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Re: Everyone Please Take Care This X-Mass 🙏

Post by Sunfang »

Boadicea wrote: Wed Nov 30, 2022 8:04 pm Find a Stupid Video and Have a Really Good Laugh.
Don't forget to share 😁

The true and rightful God-Emperor of the universe.
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