This is the place to discuss all things video related and to post video links .
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Hello forum

Here is a 'Best of The CrowHouse' clips forum where you can add video links or simply come and see some top notch Max video clips!!

What to do:

When you are watching Max's videos, be they recent or from many years ago, when you arrive at one of those magical moments (and there are lots as we know) but the ones that you would place on an advert / promo video, the really special quotes and also Max video edits segments, maybe even the best of his 3d intros or guitar playing? Anything you would like to see in a best of compilation, please copy the URL and paste it below and also the start time and end times too, with a very short note to say what the clip is (so a potential editor can scan through and find what he/she would like).

Thank you!

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Has anyone found a widget or web application that can help us to trim and post the edit points so it is not so tricky to do?

Anything you can do to help before the edit button vanishes..go to the link above (not in this forum lets l
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