Cannabis Excluded

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Cannabis Excluded

Post by SeeD_Command »

I do hate the government and New York state is particularly Draconian, but they did get one thing right, and that was legalizing weed after two decades of talking about it. A result of economic fallout due to the COVID Scam and an attempt to balance the deficit. For a while many private companies refused to accept it and still required screening/testing prior to employment, and many still do. However, it's nice to see some companies coming around to see reason.

The following is a job advert I came across earlier and is a reflection of the increasing numbers of employers wavering a drug-test for THC detection. Although FedEx was one of the first and doesn't require drug testing of any kind.

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Re: Cannabis Excluded

Post by pierre »

I look forward to having to pass an amyloid clot test or any of the following...
CJD and other brain sponge effects.
large red clots.
evidence of taking part in any other mrna experiments.
and 2000 others... cancer risk, madness in general, guilt for persecuting refuseniks.

mind you with the dope alloweance in the USA, vs Australias 'zero thc' policy with random roadside tests, I suspect they are allowing it for the usual devious purposes, and messing around with the natural medicine, ie GMO cannabis.
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