THE WAY OUT Walking away from the MATRIX: INTRO 🙏

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THE WAY OUT Walking away from the MATRIX: INTRO 🙏

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THE WAY OUT Walking away from the MATRIX: INTRO
Mar 24, 2021

About six years ago my wife and I arrived in Nicaragua to make a new start near the Costa Rica border in a place called Grey Town.

To our surprise, we found that the beautiful spot we had chosen had been devastated, only a few days before, by a very powerful hurricane.

As we flew into and over the area, we witnessed miles and miles of trees ripped from their roots and strewn all over.
It looked like a big box of matches with leaves had been spilled onto the ground.

When we arrived we heard, from the locals, what it was like on the ground during and after the disaster:
Entire homes were completely crushed and or blown away.

Animals such as monkeys and sloths were disoriented and dying from hunger.

They creeped into the town looking for food and shelter.

Entire fields of crops - rows of coconut tree farms were leveled.
Thousands upon thousands of fish were dead and floating down the rivers, due to a certain kind of tree that contains poison falling into the water.

We saw trees that must have been 800 years old and as wide as a house, just laying down, dying.

We tried to make the best of the situation and continue our plans but there was no getting through the jungles that had turned into a dangerous, unnavigable place.

Fast forward a few years.
Many homes have been rebuilt but life is not back to normal.
It takes a long time to rebuild a place with 3 meter wide trees.

We have gotten to know the people very well and share a mutual appreciation with them as they have been fascinated by our way of living.

We have been learning, developing and using the techniques of “green” living.

We recycle as much as possible.
We make our own clothes, grow our own food, we made our own furniture and we have built our own house, oven and stoves out of earth!

Now, we have decided, as we have had many requests from the indigenous, to build a community of earth homes that are hurricane-proof (last year there was another hurricane that just missed us to the north of the country), earthquake-proof and last longer than any of us will for sure.

We have been given 10 acres of land for this ecological/community project.

We need tools that are either not easily available here or are too dear to acquire.

Tools include: Chain saws to clear areas for building.
Sand bags to hold the earth that the homes will be built with.
Funds to have certain materials, not available in the area, to be delivered by truck. Equipment to document and share the development and progress to you, our donors and other who want to learn with us.
A sewing machine to recycle old clothes.

A distiller for medicines and such like.
A variety of smaller items such machetes, axes, wheel barrels, fasteners, shovels etc. will probably take up most of the cost to keep this project going.

We are estimating that approximately 10,000 US dollars will give us a great start towards building a safe and beautiful community that is self sufficient and at peace with the nature that surrounds it.

Most importantly, this project will be a learning experience;
Teach a man to fish and he eats forever...
The local police have agreed to allow prisoners to work (supervised) and we are hopeful that this will help to rehabilitate and inspire them to better ideas when they are freed.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer us to help do our part in making this world a better, safer and more beautiful place to live for everyone.

Sincerely. NTWADUMELA Creative director of this project.

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Re: THE WAY OUT Walking away from the MATRIX: INTRO 🙏

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