How to hide a genocide,..

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How to hide a genocide,..

Post by lighthouse »

If a psyco wanted to kill a single man called Mr A, who lived in a house in a certain town, if the psyco killed as many people as possible in the town, no one would realise the psyco was actually targeting Mr A.

So although there is mass death. the real reason/target is hidden.

But it does not have to be just targeting a single person. A whole group can be targeted!
If lots of other people from other groups are killed and harmed in the process, people will not realise, or at least not until
it is way too late and by that time lots of excuses can be invented as to why it happened and with intense propaganda to make people feel that it was for the greater good and the future is bright and will be peaceful as a result.

I wonder how long it would take for a certain group to collectively wake up and realise they are being targeted?

I do hope we can find a way to all live in peace but that would require good people to run the world and good people are at a disadvantage to evil people who can do good and bad things. kill, lie, cheat and yet say honest things and give to charity too. They can do anything they want. Although truth does annoy them at times but that seems to be about it.
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Re: How to hide a genocide,..

Post by garrettabc »

If I was that psycho, I’d just try to make the murder look like an accident or suicide. Or better yet, if the psycho was the police chief, just cover up the evidence.
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Re: How to hide a genocide,..

Post by Mazz85 »

You dont hide from genocide, genocide hides from you.

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Re: How to hide a genocide,..

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