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Victorian Purlice Dropped Yet Another Charge they Laid in the Lockdown

Posted: Tue Aug 30, 2022 10:45 pm
by Boadicea
Pregnant Zoe Buhler Arrested !

COPS/THUGS/PROSECUTOR - 2 Years of Trauma Later
"Nah, Not in the Public Interest to Continue!"

“Victoria police today dropped yet another charge they laid in the lockdown,”
“A charge of incitement against Zoe Buhler, who's a pregnant woman who was arrested Two Years Ago in her home, handcuffed in front of her children for writing a social media post promoting a protest against Premier (Daniel) Andrews’ cruel lockdowns.

“Now the footage of that arrest went around the world. Victoria’s shame was seen by 10 million people.”

Mr Bolt said police dropped the case after “Two Years of Worry” and after she was “Treated Like a Public Menace”.
“Zoe Buhler was told – nah, not in the public interest to continue,” he said.

Zoe Should Personally Go After the Individual Traitors...
But That is a Daunting Enterprise and They Count on us Being Exhausted and Broke.
I Know I had No-One to Back me up whan I asked for Advice and Support...