Mapping the freedom web

This is the section to discuss and share info, research and links relating to any alternative beliefs and theories.
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Re: Mapping the freedom web

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I just visited ryo's site you linked banana and I have to say it's quite interesting, lol. Like an elaborate Myspace page!! I like how it says on his soycial media page, "when I was 18 my father gave me a small loan of a million dollars", and his race is "Lamborghini". Who is this guy? hahaha
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Re: Mapping the freedom web

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Watching Max Igan videos is such a pain in the ass.
See attachment to know the reason why.

Not going to test Twitter, because it's Twitter.
Not going to test Instagram, because it's Fakebook.
Not going to test Telegram, because phone number required.
Not going to test Discord, because it's a botnet.

AltCensored works, but it's an archive, so no new content.
I don't really mind enabling JS for (I can still specifically block the Hive part and all the other unnecessary JS resources), because PeerTube at least is transparent about the JS they're using, or I could otherwise just load through SimpleerTube.
But all the rest is rather glowing in the dark.
I'm just loading the direct MP4 URL from my RSS feed into MPV or VLC (depending on which PC I'm watching from) to watch his videos by the way.
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