Alan Watts

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Alan Watts

Post by Felix »

_________________"If you throw yourself to the wind...

________________________You can ride it.""

_________________________~𝓜𝓪𝔁 𝓘𝓰𝓪𝓷
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Re: Alan Watts

Post by yodude »


"When you wake up it will be great" and "I am responsible for this life"

I think the following speech helps make sense of that.... though I interpret the "dream" as involving a futuristic video game / simulation:

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Re: Alan Watts

Post by pierre »

picking up on this thread. I only heard about AW last month, hooked. and good discussions here... Melissa his wife on this one.. from this channel. discussions in terms of use of time, echo chambers , hopium of The Great Sponstaneous Wakeup and long haul for these Interesting Times, a good word for Jesus, who at the very least, got up 'them'. ... dence.html ... 092022.mp3

now to put down the audio and get back to some more reading.
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Re: Alan Watts

Post by komickaze »

Check out After Skool's channel on Youtube for Alan Watts' talks turned into animations. Also, the creators of South Park did one as well.
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