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Re: Alternative media exposed

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What makes the UK one of the most censored countries in the world, is the Office of Communications (Ofcom) that protects the UK population from "harmful content"...
Even your favourite British alternative / conspiracy site lets Ofcom dictate what they can or cannot say.

If Ofcom decides that a media platform had "violated the Code", it can impose fines or order the outlet to publish a correction.
For outlets outside the UK, Ofcom's influence is limited, but in extreme situations it can completely take a channel off air, like it did to Putin's propaganda network RT last March: ... 3-present)

You may have heard of the proposed UK online safety bill that is really about expanding Ofcom's censorship abilities even further.
Even without passing that controversial bill, Ofcom is already the watchdog over BBC broadcasts, postal services, competition in telecom, and the radio spectrum used by smart keys and doorbells.

Ofcom plans to also "examine" algorithms that ultimately decide what contents we actually see in the future. They wouldn't without making demands on these algorithms:
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