Incense & Meditation

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Re: Incense & Meditation

Post by Liberalis »

You might want to try an electric incense burner as they produce hardly and smoke at all and it is a very clean scent. Using one has been a game changer for me.

It is more like using essential oils than burning traditional incense.
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Re: Incense & Meditation

Post by jonesthepost »

Thanks Liberalis and Silanis; have just ordered some palo santo to try.

Ain’t the ‘net grand? Good information shared 👍
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Re: Incense & Meditation

Post by aLaura_Roarialis »

I used to use incense cones and sticks and then found out about some of the nasty ingredients often used in many brands and i had to rethink things.
Oooh, I never considered this!

I like to burn sage (smudge).
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Re: Incense & Meditation

Post by supermanrs0226 »

I love using incense when I am meditating. My favorite scents are dragons blood, frankincense, and lavender. I also from time to time have used sage bundles with wild flowers mixed in. I find meditation has help me out so much in my life that I cannot imagine not doing it. Hope this is help to someone.
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