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Cosmic consciousness conditioning

The Alphabet Project and the Internet

"As they all share common biological experiences, you can expect them to trigger common reactions of the brain either through stimulation or deprivation. You first need their brains to store images and memes; only then specific signals will trigger those emotions you wish them to experience." (The Zynga Experiment).

"We need language because they search for information using words; once we interpret those search terms we can encode that information into images that their brains will store. In due moment their brains will be exposed to the signals and emotions will emerge."

"We manufacture versions of Regina Dugan, we deploy them, and they all have but one mission: to realize our social conditioning project"


"humans surfing the Internet are no different than bacteria in a petri dish and they react to the same inputs. Connecting the world through games - Zynga Experiment - is the first step in our global strategy of a fully interconnected and hence controlled world"

"The entire strategy behind the project is to offer society a search engine whose results will put them into a state of fear. We need people to feel their survival is threatened because fear shrinks perspective. Obviously, we need the entire society to be connected and we need to reach all and any home in the world. That is the idea behind broadband over power lines (BPL)"

"Piggybacking on existing power line infrastructure allows to quickly build an all-encompassing network, and a network is all you need to implement the global social conditioning project."

"A person with a cosmic consciousness doesn’t need much stuff because he will perceive it as trivial or unimportant, and this threats our social conditioning project so yes, you can bet we dislike UFOs and its mystical implications."

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Mythufology: Tampering with Belief Systems

As long as there is little to choose from, selection is not a problem.

People cannot be effective unless they build on the foundation of historically confirmed values, in particular the great books. But we are at a point of divergences with no noticeably privileged direction, but with many, many options. This is not a time of crisis, although some want us to believe the contrary and are ready to offer their remedies: back to something (authority, books, some primitive stage of no-ego, or of the mushroom, i.e., psychedelic drugs, back to nature); or fast forward to the utopia of technocracy, the information age, the service society, even virtual reality or artificial life. Humans are heuristic animals.


the belief that “catharsis” and “renewal” require the reassertion of adolescent myths about ourselves and our place in history. Historical memory must become instead the movement toward a tragic culture: one for whom memory is conscience and not hagiography; for whom the past weighs like a nightmare precisely because it has not been constituted. That is the true meaning of Hiroshima.

the dream of omniscience, the belief that we can know and control the future before it happens. All we have to do is provide a space to which all psyches will be drawn as to a gigantic magnet, addicted to what market capitalism promises, the simultaneity of wealth, knowledge, and power. There is, indeed, something autoerotic about the whole scheme. The informing belief of necessity is that capitalism has already conquered. Terrorists are, finally, just like us.

Belief in historical progress banishes the recurrent suspicion that history may lack direction or, even worse, move to the darkest of ends. Yet, there’s always reason for hope and the belief that no matter how bad things get we’ll always find a way to recover everything that the guarantees assure. This belief will prove fatal for humans, naïve as they are.

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The sacred brothel of Caral

Brutality, Cruelty, and oppression in the first known civilization of the Americas

"you don't just build a complex city without cruelty and injustice; you just don't create a great civilization without destroying something more sacred: individual freedom"

"pyramidal structures and residences of the elite are a clear evidence of a powerful religious ideology, and we all know what elites do to dissenters; each time you discover a pyramid you know it was built at the cost of hundreds of innocent lives"


"No sign of warfare does not mean no sign of violence; on the other hand, a complex monumental architecture always mean a strong religious ideology, and this implies control and abuse of a large mass of the population. Caral does not differ from other cities in the use of violence unless you want Caral to not belong to this world."


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Dreaming humans and other paraphysical beings

"Reality is a highly addictive dissociative drug, Norea"

"The human body is not limited by the skin but extends far beyond its physical boundaries. This knowledge is hidden from you because, otherwise, you would behave irrationally and would take unnecessary risks. To ignore whether there is or not an afterlife has the purpose of increasing surviavility of the species; actually, ignoring this is not the only life accessible to you is an evolutionary advantage. Only in extreme situations will we allow you to have a glimpse of the afterlife, Norea."

"We now have advanced resuscitation techniques that enable people to survive brief periods of clinical death, while allowing us to gather essential data about the so-called 'transit period'. We now have a vast amount of data to undertake the study of the neurophysiological responses of individuals to near-death experiences, and we can design NDE scenarios to test our theories."

"An important limiting factor for a successful reanimation or a chance of surviving clinical death with no mental damage is the resistance of ganglion cells in the brain. At most, they can survive eight minutes, so you are left with some 200 seconds of time to recreate the near-death experience landscape. Nearly 90% of the landscape is generated via quantum noise, though recreating the 'light beings' requires a different technique"

"more recent techniques involve remembering having had an experience that did not register in consciousness at the time that the events represented in the experience occurred. In oneirostasis this is key to have the crew in stasis during extended periods of time in which they are briefed about the specific mission they are expected to perform once they be reanimated. Oneirostasis is basicaly a technology that takes the subject to a deep-sleep state in which synthetic dreams are then injected."

"Using XViS is possible for people’s brains to register information at one time, and then for them to later remember having a conscious experience based on this stored information. Time-travel would be the ideal scenario to use this technique because when one travels in time some memories and some information must be highly supressed on behalf of the time-traveller's mental health"

"Near-death experience is an area actively researched by XViS. Allegedly, the description given by people who went through an NDE involves the claim that their brains were not functioning at all, while we at XViS made the assumption that their brains were functioning to some degree, a degree we couldn't detect using the technology of those days which allowed capturing brain activity only above a certain threshold. We thus developed new technologies for detecting UBA - Undetected Brain Activity - while simultaneously making progress in the oneirostasis technology"


"Look at the sea over there, Norea. Now, sincerity and conviction are not themselves reasons to believe anything. At most, they are signals that the reasons to follow are worth taking seriously. Do you see the waves? Can you feel the smell when the waves break? However, Norea, there is no sea at all. The merits of a conclusion depend, ultimately, on the evidence marshaled in support of it, and if you trust just your senses you will see, and smell, and feel an ocean there where there is no ocean at all, Norea."

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Chess as a Language Description Model

Arte breve e introducción muy necesaria para saber jugar al axedres, con ciento y cincuenta juegos de partido; intitulada al serenísimo y muy esclarecido don Johan el tercero, príncipe de las Spañas. Por Lucena, hijo del muy sapientísimo doctor y reverendo prothonotario don Johan Ramírez de Lucena, embaxador y del consejo de los Reyes nuestros señores, studiando en el preclarísimo studio de la muy noble cibdad de Salamanca.

This last aspect, the neurotic one, seems to be admitted by Lucena himself when he remarks, ‘because I know what it is’ about the disturbances chess can produce in the intellect and in the memory. As in many other cases, following Lucena’s example, a neurotic or even psychotic personality has been explained by the simple procedure of blaming chess and its intrinsic stress. Much more sensible would be to blame social and familiar conditioning factors as responsible for psychic symptoms. Chess could rather be a compensation for many hidden traumas, and the prevalence of Jewish chess players can be interpreted in this way.

Et ego, magister Johannes clericus, existens sub reverencia et mercede predicti domini regis, transtuli istos libros, qui Libro Razielis sunt coniuncti, de latino in ydioma castellanum cum maiori reverencia et diligencia quam scivi et intellexi secundum intellectum et potestatem quam michi concessit Creator omnium bonorum (...)

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The day Medtronic became a strategic defense company

XViS-NDE and Project Next Door

"the self does not inherently exist and attachment to self and environment thus constitutes a maladaptive condition"

"Medtronic was approached by SV17q with the proposal for Medtronic to incorporate some unspecified modifications to their miniaturized Micra pacemaker and neurostimulating spinal implant. The idea was to modify the devices in order to cause a controlled cardiac arrest that would low the heart beat rhythm in a specific way. SV17q was interested in the huge number of patients bearing a Medtronic device. Part of the modification was aimed at gathering non-specified information on patients' biophysical parameters."

"SV17q agents stated that the proposal was to be reviewed from the technical point of view by a selected number of Medtronic employees whose names were listed in a piece of paper they circulated during the meeting. They also warned us that in case we refused to cooperate, they will take necessary measures of which they didn't comment."

"after analyzing the relevant data on deep-altered states of consciousness in which the Tibetan monks entered by intentionally reducing their heart beat rhythm through breathing exercises, SV09n proposed to force selected subjects into those altered states of consciousness by implantiing modified versions of devices manufactured by Medtronic. SV09n also conducted some experiments on unaware individuals selected from Medtronic's own patients database, that it was previously retrieved by the SV06n team from Medtronic servers under the command of SV17q"

"Project Next Door - ND-1642 - aims at assessing the potential for using dreams to gather intelligence about future events within the framework of military oneiromancy and, more specifically, on assessing the potential of using advanced meditation techniques in order to perform remote viewing and military OBE operations"

"Medtronic is the world’s largest and most profitable corporation in the field of medical instrumentation. Their advanced pacemakers are capable of connecting via wireless or Bluetooth technology to applications in mobile devices collecting medical information from millions of patients all around the world. There are millions of people with a Medtronic device implanted. The new devices include, as per DENIED recommendation, location services which keep implanted subjects under close monitoring and surveillance."

"Project ND-1642 tries to make near-death experiences more empirically accessible as to advance understanding into the psychology of death-related processes. NDE is one of the states of consciousness that XViS tagged as key within the framework of Giselian contact strategies. We know XViS induced NDE disposes us from having to recruit advanced meditators in order to assess real-time changes in neurological activity during NDEs. Any subject with a Medtronic modified implant becomes now a strategic asset for SV17q."

"Meditronic modified devices allow us to induce specific NDE in the subjects. As soon as the subjects go through the NDE, they get a timeless perspective, they are able to see scenes of the past and future including scenes relating to their own past and future, as well as scenes relating to this and other worlds, and encounters with non-worldly realms and beings. And that is exactly what we are interested in: our future, and what those other worlds look like and what impact they mean for our own world. The more people get implanted, the better our chances of success."

"vulnerabilities of cardiac implantable electronic devices is not our main interest; today, not only every pacemaker is cloud-connected: any major implant is. Our main interest is in controlling remotely and in a centralized way how those devices work in order to induce specific biophysical conditions. See, our main interest lies in turning an otherways average human into an individual that experiences NDEs and subsequently obtain data on the experience, sometimes lasting hours or even days, as a means of gaining intelligence about non-conventional threats of which I cannot be more specific"

"Fighting them requires overcoming attachment to the body. Yes, we do fund and finance the main New Age groups and academic research on NDE in order for them to spread the message that an important feature of the path to psycho-spiritual wellbeing is achieved by reducing attachment. This way we expect society to be more receptive to these technologies once disclosure occurs in connection with the non-coventional threat we face. NDE and synthetic dream technologies is so-far our best bet to understand who Giselians are"

"Welcome, this is XViS talking. You are now dreaming. When warriors have, like you, survived a close brush with death, they usually don’t remember anything unusual or unexpected from the incident, but sometimes they do. Both situations are normal. It's time for you to talk to us about your close brush, whether or not it included anything you may have found unusual or unexpected. We are here to learn. In case you refuse to cooperate, we will stamp the "crazy vet" label on you and will use lethal force against you and your beloved ones. Right now you've been put on synthdream medication. Let's start. The time now is DENIED year DENIED. Please, proceed."

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A Scheme for Proper Methods to be taken, should it please God to visit us with the Plague

By Sir John Colbatch,
A member of the College of Physicians.

Printed by J. Darby and fold by J. Roberts


That each Infirmary have a
Guard of Militia at some Distance
from it; the Army Hospitals having
always a Guard, which not only
prevent disorders, but upon many
occasions are otherwise of great
use, viz. to secure the Stores of Provision
of all sorts that are necessary
to be kept before hand in Readiness.

Sid eik Anrormiryr slivi in
Geyirs ys Militia ind godnake leuki
riram ard; ne Inrmyr Slabodieleyn a'slivi
inelwiaseyn in Geyirg, zok nad raelyr
goarger b'nevred, veyd eybra mnayr
ukkioraeyn inne userwoi ys moar
eye, visse a'slekeyne ne Daneeyn ys Bravoora
ys inelel slardeyn sid inne nekdyiras
a'vi greidd verane sylnas an Neigandy.

leuca,leuga, 'lieue'
Mesure de distance adoptée officiellement dans les trois Gaules depuis Sévère (3e s.) et valant environ 2,4 km. Attesté leucas par St-Jérôme, puis régulièrement leugas, leuvas (> français lieue, anglais league) ; considéré comme mesure spécifiquement gauloise: « mensuras viarum nos miliaria dicimus, Graeci stadia, Galli leuvas ... ». La diphtongue eu est certainement secondaire, et la celticité du mot, en l'absence de corrélats insulaires, est très incertaine. H2 197, DAG 571.

Une approche linguistique du vieux-celtique continental
Préface Pierre-Yves LAMBERT
Editions Errance, Paris, 2003

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Misinfons and the hypermemetic logic

"The concept of God is the most successful meme so far"

"a meme is a small unit of culture that spread from person to person by copying or imitation; similarly, a misinfon is a small piece of misinformation that spread via the Internet from person to person. However, while memes reflect general social mindsets, misinfons shape general social mindsets, forms of behavior, and actions of social groups."

"cultural information that pass along from person to person, but gradually scale into a shared social phenomenon"

"In an era marked by “network individualism,” people use memes to simultaneously express both their uniqueness and their connectivity."

"misinfons are the minimum form of disinformation and they are a essential in the transmission of ideas in a superconnected world. Studies on misinfon engineering have been gaining importance in recent theories of truth management and disinformation spreading."

"while information about the state of a system is fundamentally erased by many processes, and once truly lost, that information cannot be reliably recovered, misinformation about the state of a system is the end result of those erasing processes; therefore, backengineering the information from the available misinformation is not possible, unless we assume we can go back in time"

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Frozen Seas Under a Faint Sun

The Hadean Project

On seeding with unicellular organisms

"The goal of the Hadean mission is not just to fast forward Sol-3 to a precambrian state, but to modify the development of complex life that will evolve on its own due to the substantial levels of O2 that may be expected by the time the probes arrive. We don't aim at a self-evolving biosphere but at a designed biosphere. This is a crucial mission goal."


"Seeding requires to target those planets that already sustain an oxygen bearing atmosphere because it takes of the order of a few Ga for them to do so, if at all. Sol-3 atmosphere was already rich in O2, and that made Sol-3 a perfect candidate for seeding."

"A malfunction in the probe failed to deliver these sub-millimeter animals to their proper habitats. The consequence was the development of highly unefficient life forms, which called for a resetting plan in order to guarantee their extinction. Another possibility is that the target planet were other than Sol-3, like Alpha Mensae-4, and that Sol-3 was just a target of opportunity."


"Only when you have evidence that the resulting biosphere is compatible with higher life forms should you start the second stage of the seeding strategy."

"The simplest design for the seeding process would be the from-orbit delivery via nano-sized reentry capsules, which could be in turn ejected backwards at high velocities, viz decelerated with respect to the orbital motion of the main Genesis probe, by a compact railgun. A minimal heat shield would then be enough to protect the content of the delivery capsules during the subsequent drop to the surface. Key to the success prospects of the Genesis mission is capability of the probe to use a databank of terrestrial genomes for the selection of the right mix of microbes to be synthesized in situ by the on-board gene laboratory."

"No, the probes didn't prove that Sol-3 was an uninhabited world. In fact, they detected biosignatures. This implies that an ethical problem had to be solved before seeding, and it seems the on-board AI took the decision to first wipe out those indigeneous life forms."

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Web Search Engine's Search Attractors

We report on the current state of the research on search attractors. We finally succeeded in coding Magnus Sahlgren's computational model into NodeSpaces V2.0 (for a complete description of Sahlgren's model, please refer to Sahlgren's dissertation and the relevant bibliography available both there and at

The hypothesis we wanted to test runs as follows:

- performing a looped search for a given term using a given search engine is an iterative process that converges to a single search term (the search attractor).

We follow Sahlgren's definitions herein. More specifically, the computational model used is the word-space model (a term coined by Heinrich Schütze in 1993). According to Schütze, vector similarity is the only information present in word-space such that semantically related words are close, while unrelated words are distant.

Quoting Sahlgren, "the word-space model is a computational model of word meaning that utilizes the distributional patterns of words collected over large text data to represent semantic similarity between words in terms of spatial proximity". Note that while the question he attempts to answer is what kind of semantic information does the word-space model acquire and represent, we already assume his conclusions about what the model finally represents, our interest being using the word-space model to actually make inferences on the results we obtained in our "search within the search" experiments.

Search Term Density Diagram for 1 search term, after 160,000 iterations (A = "forgotten languages", B = "languages", C="forgotten")

Note also that the main search engine we've used in this run is Google's search engine. This means that we need to take into account the nature of Google's search algorithm, that is, the way the algorithm works in its task of searching, detecting, identifying, isolating, and presenting the search results. The generation of the graphic is done using NodeSpaces V2.0 proximity networks built-in capability.

Finally, we recall that although the word-space model acquires and represents two different types of relations between words (syntagmatic versus paradigmatic relations), depending on how the distributional patterns of words are used to accumulate word spaces, we are only interested in the relation between search results and meaning. By "meaning" we understand here the measurement of how meaningful the search results were for the human performing the search. Obviously,
following Sahlgren, we rely on a computational and not psychological model of meaning. This is so because NodeSpaces V2.0 word-space model is based entirely on language data, rather than on a priori assumptions about language. We feel comfortable with this definition of "meaning".

Search term density detail: A = seed search term; B = search term after 16,000 iterations; C = clustering of search term after final iteration.

Again, by "language" we mean written language, following Sahlgren. By word we refer to "white-space delimited sequences of letters that have been morphologically normalized to base forms" (that is, the result of a lemmatization process).

Key here is to understand (as per Sahlgren) that the word-space model is not only the spatial representation of meanings but the way the space is built. Quoting again Sahlgren:

"What makes the word-space model unique in comparison with other geometrical models of meaning is that the space is constructed with no human intervention, and with no a priori knowledge or constraints about meaning similarities. In the word-space model, the similarities between words are automatically extracted from language data by looking at empirical evidence of real language use".

A typical session with NodeSpaces V2.0 runs as follows:
  • define a search term (say, 'forgotten languages')
  • perform an automatic search of the search term using Google's search engine
  • save result page (let's limit here to the first page showing the first 10 results)
  • using NodeSpaces HTML scrapping utility, extract text from the result page
  • perform a word density analysis (word frequency, mean sentence length, etc.) and generate a ranked list of words
  • use the generated words as a new search term and repeat the process (obviously, the initial search term - the seed term - is not taken into account)
The key question under investigation is this: does this search process converge? The answer is "yes".

Obviously, there are related questions of interest here, such as whether the language of the search term have any influence of the attractor or whether the use of the attractor as a seed search term reduce the time required to explore a given word-space (in our case, a search space).

Results on search attractors do comply with Ruge's statement "Inside of a large context there are lots of terms not semantically compatible. In large contexts nearly every term can co-occur with every other; thus this must not mean anything for their semantic properties", but they clearly violate Picard's observation that the majority of terms never co-occur. In fact the idea that the smaller the context regions are that we use to collect syntagmatic information, the poorer the statistical foundation will be, and consequently the worse the sparse-data problem will be for the resulting word space, only holds partially.

Sahlgren's experiments concluded that using a small context region yields more syntagmatic spaces than using a large one, and that using a narrow context window yields more paradigmatic spaces than using a wide window. But bear in mind that he is interested in testing whether it is at all possible to extract semantic knowledge by merely looking at usage data, the answer being "yes". Our interest, on the other hand, lies on whether we can define semantic universals out of the attractors we have found, as this would allow us to build extremely educated search terms that translate into a faster word-space exploration algorithm.

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