The Book of Enoch

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Re: The Book of Enoch

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So Sylvie Ivanova put out a new video, again on The Prophecies of Otrok Vyacheslav.
i dont know if any of you have taken time, to listen to what she says in these videos.
but i find my self more and more................... yeah i do no know how to describe it.
to her channel on Odysee ... arch-the:2
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Re: The Book of Enoch

Post by Felix »

This book is important because it offers NON-VIOLENT SOLUTIONS to the problems we are faced with today!
This is why I think it was censored from the Bible.

Solution #1) God has Archangel Gabriel take on the Nephilim, the Giants, by getting them to turn on each other :-)

Solution #2) God has Enoch, just a man...deliver God's message to the Watchers, the Fallen Angels.

A single righteous man stands up to them and we discover these Fallen Angels are NOT all mighty or all powerfull.
They are nothing but weak cowards when he calls them out.

We also learn God's reason behind it all. Why if he is all knowing, allows such things to happen.
If he is going to build a better world, he wants the righteous, not the sinners in the new world.

This is a spiritual war. And this information was kept from us for a reason. And it should have been there all along.
My father was a Chaplain, so I was raised with the I HAD to read it...and it made me ask a lot of questions about
The Book of Enoch, because it is mentioned so many times, but is omitted, removed, censored, essentially destroyed from the text. It is very refreshing to discover this hidden story. These are the same solutions Max tells us about, non-compliance, just stand in our power and stand up to these cowards. And pull the ones in charge out.

Enoch's vision, Chapters 1 - 5

The Watchers, how the evil Angels corrupted Mankind, Chapters 6-8

Vengeance of the Archangels, Chapters 9-11

Judgement of the Watchers, Chapters 12-14

The Fate of the Nephilim, Chapters 15-16

Enoch's Journey to the Lake of Fire, Chapters 17-18

The Prison of the Fallen Angels, Chapters 19-21

Abel's Vengeance, Chapter 22

Archangel Michael and the Sacred Tree, Chapter 23-25

Archangel Uriel and the Accursed Valley, Chapter 26-27

Archangel Raphael and the Tree of Knowledge, Chapter 28-32

Portals of Heaven (And What Comes Out of Them), Chapters 33-36
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