This Wasn't Taught in the Rockefeller Curriculum...

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This Wasn't Taught in the Rockefeller Curriculum...

Post by Boadicea »

Treasonous, Order Following Troops, Attack Their Own'
This Wasn't Taught in the Rockefeller Curriculum...

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Re: This Wasn't Taught in the Rockefeller Curriculum...

Post by pierre »

had to wait til '45 to get their '19 bonuses.
so they probably planned to send them off to die in WWII in the first place.

at one point, 160 acres of Tenesee for 14 days service.

Ukranian mercenaries (which is most of the soldiers, apart from the women and children they put on the front line) are on several hundred thousand dollars or more pa.

Heck, wathing this netflix (flick through the porn bits) Frontier tv show, HBC mercenaries are not distinguishable from soldiers as far as I can tell. all redcoats.

MacArthur kicked these bounty protesters off their tent embassy, probably saying "they will not be back"

blackmailed homosexual poojabber Hoover "In his 1952 memoir, Hoover stated that at least 900 of the Bonus Army were "ex-convicts and Communists." the commie jews owned him.

Paton in on it too, doing his job. (no SS needed for this easy one, lol)

and that terrible Swedish jew Eisenhower helping MacArthur out.
"] Believing it wrong for the Army's highest-ranking officer to lead an action against fellow American war veterans, he strongly advised MacArthur against taking any public role: "I told that dumb son-of-a-bitch not to go down there," he said later. "I told him it was no place for the Chief of Staff."[36] Despite his misgivings, Eisenhower wrote the Army's official incident report that endorsed MacArthur's conduct.[37]"

sounds like Paton with his language.

Colin Powell was involved in a report that covered up for Mai Lai in Vietnam.

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Re: This Wasn't Taught in the Rockefeller Curriculum...

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Whats up with the creepy guy staring at me the entire time i'm trying to watch the video?? :tongue: :tongue:
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