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PM me and tell me when you quit believing TV, when you got it out your life and whether you went cold turkey or weaned yourself off it gradually.
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Re: Scotland

Post by SeeD_Command »

This isn't a Pm, but I haven't paid for TV (cable), or any kind of programming since November 2016. Yes I do have a TV and DVD player, but it's a stupid AsF TV which only plays DVDs and VCR.

So it's not cold turkey, as I still watch DVDs. But, to answer your question, I've never believed TV, which I think is obvious for most people here.
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Re: Scotland

Post by Boadicea »

I Have 3 TV Screens.
None Remotely SMART OR Connected to any Aerial.
Terrestrial Or Balloon Satellite.

I HDMI my Laptop to Them to Watch Information of My Choosing in a Larger More Comfortable Format for my Failing Vision.

Coming up on a Decade of No Main Stream Programming TV.

Whilst Staying at a Couple's Home last week I was Exposed to MSM TV and it was an ASSAULT!

Fuck Me!
How Can ANYONE Endure the Blatant and Peurile Fear Porn, Stupidity?

Had to Excuse Myself, went to Bed Early to Read my Book, as it Blared Indoktrination Repeatedly through the Wall.
Ads as Long as the Bread and Circus Show Segments.
All For Imagined Medical Ills. Insurance and Poisoned Brown Junk Food that Cause Aforementioned Self-Induced Sickness.
Latest Minority report Covidiocy and Murders By and Of Cops.
My Solar Plexus Screaming Danger, Danger Will Robinson...🤪

Nothing Inherently Wrong with a Screen (Apart from the 60Htz)
It's What is Projected, as Always...
We Are More Than We Realise...🐙🪓💥👿
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