The Irish Slimes Newspaper

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The Irish Slimes Newspaper

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Once upun a time not that long ago the "Irish Times" was regarded as one of finest newspapers not just in Ireland but in the world. But now, as John Waters (who once wrote for them regularly but is now persona non grata) sagely put it, they are employing 'journaliars', and are helping to fuel this madness which has descended on us, amounting to a left-wing mind virus.

The video below highlights the spin that Irish people are currently been subjected to on a daily basis. Derek Blighe, a bricklayer/blocklayer from Cork is the person questioning the 'journalist' in question. And she is in question. I saw how this was reported on mainstream Irish television this evening, just one-sided propaganda. I like the way he said his piece here though, not over the top but to the point.

"If you already know it is bad and do it, you commit a sin difficult to redress."

G.I. Gurdjieff (Aphorism 8)
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Re: The Irish Slimes Newspaper

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(The Logos Broadcast #34)

The Erudite John Waters

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Re: The Irish Slimes Newspaper

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not to be confused with The Irish Light who blew the whistle on covid crap early on. (inspired to chase them up again)
issue 29 (basically marks the months of the covid crap era) ... 053514.pdf

ha, leadfront page article is by
yeh, like the natives are revolting, yes sir, they are dreadful. Dr Kill cures patient Suk (sounds Paki)
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