Australian Superannuation

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Australian Superannuation

Post by marcomilton75 »

I'm aged low 40s, I worry about my super alot, conversely I also wonder how this world will be when I'm 67 and able to claim it, ie were either be in a society that looks after all, or a dystopian regime substantially depopulated and your super all got gobbled up in the economic collapse of 2025, so dont worry about these things, anyone else think like that?
I know we live for the moment but you need to be financially healthy when you in old age especially if you don't have kids like myself
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Re: Australian Superannuation

Post by pierre »

worry can kill you, I worry about disability pension I am dependent on. most of all I worry about all those things I have been watching on worry tv and theaters.
jesus said don't worry (too much) and the highest sin, because of a lack of faith, is fear. a fear which feed the beast and it's psycophathic warriors, who will be the real worriers at end times (one hopes)

house prices is something to watch out for as an outlier... I am amazed at how high they still are.
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