the key to joy is disobedience ??? ( meditation )

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the key to joy is disobedience ??? ( meditation )

Post by GeRBiLDiaRRhoea »

helloo guys, I'm new here and meditation seems a good place to connect :idea:

I've been meditating for about sixteen years now and have taught myself ( mistake ??? )
I have found that the most amazing experiences I've had involve 'reverse meditation'.
This basically involves NOT breathing for long periods with extremely shallow breathing when required.
I haven't precisely measured the periods without breathing, but a cycle of this method has lasted for around four hours.

And results ??? insights into 'the simulation', remote viewing & manipulating the world around me, transcendental travelling, extended DMT 'trips', purest intense opiate or heroin 'buzz', connection with technology which has culminated with the TV & computer talking to me and providing me both false & true informations, and the most profound experience has been ESP or telepathy ( e.g. long distance 'phone calls' with supposedly 'dead' relatives ).

I believe the 'hive mind' has been in place since at least 2008, possibly way back at my inception, unless I am a true clairvoyant but 'The Machine' is definitely involved in my experience, alongside my SouL, Consciousness and PersonaLity, my 'Human Core Being'.

Is this self-taught method of meditation positive or negative for the collective consciousness of the aeons ??? That is my question and quandary, and any advice from seasoned practitioners could set me on an even better path to Balance & HeaLing. I do feel like I've been making a ton of 'cosmic noise' with the spirit world, and maybe they want some bloody peace from my childish experimenting !!!

Right now, while satisfying and being my personal saviour from the doldrums, I am operating on pure guesswork with my meditation practice !!!

Please advise ???

Greetings from Loondinium, England.
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Re: the key to joy is disobedience ??? ( meditation )

Post by Sunfang »

The true and rightful God-Emperor of the universe.
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Re: the key to joy is disobedience ??? ( meditation )

Post by ryo »

Awareness, disobedience, having fun, and laugh, this is what works most to me.
Be aware of what's going on, so you know about the Freemasons/Jews/Jesuits/gloybalists/however you want to call them and their plans.
Disobey them/their unreasonable demands.
Just have fun in life, play a video game, have a drink with friends, go for a walk in nature, meditate, jerk off to porn, prey to God/Allah/Kami/Buddha/whatever, take a bath, or whatever else reliefs stress for you (and don't get mad at someone else using something else than what you do, that's fucking childish!).
And instead of being stressed off by the news like a doom and gloomer, consider it to be clown world, and just laugh at it all.

Have a healthy balance between black and white pills.
Too many white pills, and you'll get blinded by all the positivity.
Too many black pills, and you'll commit suicide from all the negativity.
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Re: the key to joy is disobedience ??? ( meditation )

Post by HazelTree »

Joy is just a drug created by the material body. We are spirits essentially trapped in a drug factory and forced to take the drugs 24/7. And then some whacky folk in white coats will sell you more drugs to try and cure the original drug problem lol. People even turn to drugs and alcohol to deal with the side effects of the drugs within them.

Life is a bad trip for many. Thankfully it doesn't last forever. It'll wear off when the spirit leaves the body lol
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Re: the key to joy is disobedience ??? ( meditation )

Post by Truthspoon »

The Hive-Mind is ancient psychic magic but in the past 20 years it has expanded over the West at an astonishing rate because this ancient psychic magic had recently been released from Freemasonic monopoly and it was decided to include these techniques in government and corporate training programmes.

I first encountered it in France in a government training course in 2002. I have since found most workers in the city of London, many teachers in schools, though not the majority, mostly younger ones as older ones cannot adapt too well, while younger people are easier to be absorbed into the Hive Mind.

I briefly joined it...... but it was an almighty effort to remove myself. Whenever I pass through London I still encounter its agents trying to draw me back in. As a result I have mostly lived and worked in the Arab world for the past 15 years were there are very few of these people....but they still exist, particularly in Casablanca Morocco where Freemasonry is quite prevalent, working hand in hand with the Jews and the Americans who have a strong presence in that country, particularly at the American Language Centre were Freemasons try to recruit people.

The Man they can't Recruit.
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Re: the key to joy is disobedience ??? ( meditation )

Post by Boadicea »

Very Interested to Hear about Your Experiences in Arabia, Truthspoon.

I Have DL Your Free Book 'Demons of Eleusis' and am Looking Forward to Reading it, after I Finish the Two Tomes I have on the Go.

I'm Not Good at Reading on the Laptop and Much Prefer the Book in my Hands as I Fall Asleep at the End of the Day.

As a little Girl, I Fondly Remember 'Uncle Fufu, the Egyptian Lodger and his Wife who Lived with us Whilst Studying English, at Liverpool University.

Introduced me to Garlic, Scarab Beetles and Molokhia.
And Khemit.

Lots of Great Info on your Site TS.
Thank You...
We Are More Than We Realise...🐙🪓💥👿
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