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Since 1947 They've been At It!!!

Yeah, International Treaty Means Shit!!!

Been Chem Dumping and Irradiating us for Years on the Daily!
Right Up Until This Morning and Breathing it in as I Type! 👿👿👿💩💀💀💀 ... ification/


Video source link:

"It lays the Predicate and the foundation for the development of a weather satellite.
That will permit man to determine the world's cloud layer and ultimately to control the weather, and he who controls the weather will control the world.

Project Cirrus was the first official attempt to modify a hurricane.

It was run by General Electric with the support of the US military.

The official theory was that by changing the temperature outside the eyewall of a hurricane, which they did by seeding the clouds with various compounds such as silver iodide.
A decrease in strong winds would result.
On October 13th, 1947, Project Cirrus targeted a hurricane heading out to sea.

Approximately 180 pounds of dry ice was dropped into the clouds.
The crew then reported a pronounced modification of the cloud deck and the hurricane abruptly changed direction and made landfall near Savannah.

The public blamed the government, Irving Langu, who pioneered General Electric's Atmospheric Research Department and admitted that the project was about learning how to weaponize the weather.

Also claimed the reversal of the hurricane had been caused by Project Cirrus, but the government denied it for 12 years.

After a short delay, the project officially continued and in 1965 Project Storm. Had targeted Hurricane Betsy for seating on that day.
The storm immediately changed direction and made landfall in southern Florida.

Congress blamed it on Project Storm Fury, but the government claimed that the hurricane shifted.
Before they ever had a chance to seat it. And after two months of congressional hearings, the project was allowed to continue During the Vietnam War, weather modification was weaponized in Operation Popeye, and as a result, starting in October of 1978, an international treaty now prohibits the military use of weather modification."

We Are More Than We Realise...🐙🪓💥👿
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