Carolingian bloodline, Anunnaki, and the Order of the Garter

Topics covering the globalist psychopaths, eugenics, paedophilia, secret societies and the plan for a new world order.
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Re: Carolingian bloodline, Anunnaki, and the Order of the Garter

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the windsors from Victoria's mother on have been the breeding sows for the Rothschilds.
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Re: Carolingian bloodline, Anunnaki, and the Order of the Garter

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Since the 19th century there have been all of these conspiracy theories that the Rothschild family ruled the world. The Rotschilds have never been more than "court Jews" doing the dirty work for the Anglo-Dutch royals. Not a single Rothschild has ever received a knighthood in the Most noble Order of the Garter.
On the contrary the European "Carolingian" royals have dictatorial powers, including control over the central banks, but for some reason don't often get accused of actually abusing their dictatorial powers (ceremonial function, right!).

In the 21th century, George Soros and Rockefeller have gotten about as much conspiracy stories about controlling the world. The links of George Soros to Rothschild are undeniable, but there are even closer links to the Dutch royal degenerates.
George Soros is the long-time employer of Mabel Wisse Smit, widow of Prince Friso of the Netherlands and the close friend of Laurentien Brinkhorst, the wife of Prince Constantijn and daughter of the close friend of Beatrix.

The following are some interesting connections...
In the summer of 2003, the ABN Amro bank (my employer, founded by King Willem I (KG) as the Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij, NHM) started a "reorganisation" to get rid of employees as cheap as possible (formally the law in the Netherlands protects personnel), because they wanted to outsource the activities to Tata Communication Services (TCS) in India. TCS later went public, which generated lots of cash...

Whether the Dutch Royal degenerates at the time still were majority shareholders in ABN Amro is a closely guarded secret. There were however close links as in the beginning of the 1990s both Mabel (widow of Prince Friso) and Prince Pieter van Vollenhoven worked for ABN Amro, from 2000 on Van Vollenhoven worked for Equity Capital Markets (a joint venture between ABN Amro and NM Rothschild): ... f=21&t=744

The Indian Tata family oligarchs were the owners of TCS, that once became rich from trafficking opium, like the Anglo-Dutch royals.
The Tatas were (are?) business partners of the same George Soros that has been so very very close to the Dutch royals.

In another strange Dutch connection, the Tata Group now owns the highly polluting steel producing Hoogovens, which remains open with promises that they will try to become clean and sustainable, while Dutch farms have to be shut down: ... 619#p45619
The Order of the Garter rules the world: ... 5549#p5549
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