Tartaria - Mud Floods and Resets

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Tartaria - Mud Floods and Resets

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Thought to Start a Thread to Bundle All Together as it Were...
Those 10,000 Or So Convicts Sure Were Busy Back In The Day!

Hilarious They “Built” All Those Buildings But Couldn’t Pave A Road.
Why Do We See Mud Roads Everywhere Around What Would Cost Billions Of Dollars In Brick And Masonry.

Mud Flood Questions

Post Mudflood Tour of Sydney, Australia (1927)


Links to Some Sites
Golf Courses and Quarries are Notorius for "Removing' History, Star Forts and Land Marks etc from the Realm...
As Are Targetted False Flag Wars, where the KaBa'al Bomb the Shit Out of Our Priceless Recorded Evidence and Structures...👿

Jon Levi
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Auto didactic
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Tartaria Australia

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Simplicity Revealed
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Philipp Druzhinin

Michelle Gibson
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I am Kairos
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Crypto Alchemist

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We Are More Than We Realise...🐙🪓💥👿
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