Government Caught Poisoning Water Supply!

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Government Caught Poisoning Water Supply!

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Government Caught Poisoning Water Supply! Is This The Cause Of Mass Deaths, Infertility & Cancers
Tim Truth
As Always, I Have NO Idea if this is True or a Scam.
Have Asked for Links of Tim Truth.

Head of the Maramichi (SP) River/Lake, New Brunswick, East Canada?



Hazmat Terrorists Calling for Charge of Theft and Arrest the Man 'Wayne' that Busted Them???

The 'Shred' of Evidence is IN That Container Wayne Commandeered!
FFS...Get It Chemically Identified!
These LYING Fuckers Making Excuses, Back-Pedalling and HIDING Behind Weasel Words and Uniforms.

Details, Names (Cop, BEN WHO?) DATES and Links... Please...
These GUILTY Fuckers are Committing Murder and HOLD THEM and the Puppet Masters Above ACCOUNTABLE!!!!
What is Written on the Side of Their Canoe?

Some Links Provided by Commenters on Video... ... -5pth7q-_u

From older reports in the general area to kill smallmouth bass they're using ROTENDONE

Rotenone 'may' cause Parkinson's disease to develop from both acute and prolonged exposure"

Yeah, Put it on Your Glyphostated, GMO'd Korn Flakes...👿 ... sification
We Are More Than We Realise...🐙🪓💥👿
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