A plea to be involved in what matters

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A plea to be involved in what matters

Post by BananaMulcher »

A plea to not just watch from the sidelines, from some big names. The instincts from those steeped in research generally precedes real events, sometimes by a measure of years, and just this sampling seem pretty shook by the sense of what's coming and its magnitude. So I felt compelled to share.

Amazing Polly
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Harry Vox
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Call it synchronicity but there are others echoing the same right now which I haven't listed in order to keep things succinct.
"It will make things difficult, if it becomes known among the peoples of the Weave that they have among them a new ally who happens to be immune to our particular kind of gentle persuasion."
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Re: A plea to be involved in what matters

Post by Boadicea »

Thank You BM...😢
This is the Dilemma.
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Re: A plea to be involved in what matters

Post by Namremahs »

The difficulty is to know How to be involved...
Ok, given the opportunity I will protest in the streets.
But at this point I don’t have a clear view of what’s a good thing to do...other than to prepare myself, do some minor info spreading, and trying to find likeminded.
I do agree tho... A time will come when watching from the side isn’t possible, and maybe then it’s too late to try and do anything...other than standing and dying on my/your hill of choice.
Yes, We have to pray...whatever way we do it. 😊
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Re: A plea to be involved in what matters

Post by Ziggy_Sawdust »

I'm just waiting for the winter here in the UK when people have to choose between eating and heating......Could well see some action on the streets.....Then again, that's exactly what the unmentionables want.....Can introduce martial law and eventually replace plod with the vermin protectors permanantly.
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Re: A plea to be involved in what matters

Post by garrettabc »

I think people will figure out that they can stay warm if they huddled together in large groups. So you better have 20 people you trust staying with you. I suppose Germany is going to experience this first hand, with the rest of the world soon to follow.
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Re: A plea to be involved in what matters

Post by Sunfang »

Staying out from underfoot is an important job...

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