Western Australia tracking information not even encrypted

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Western Australia tracking information not even encrypted

Post by pierre »

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-05-19/ ... /101078014
"The litany of issues included:

The absence of data encryption to protect personal information
Inadequate logging of access to sensitive data
A former contractor being allowed ongoing access to sensitive information
A lack of restrictions to stop malicious files being uploaded and compromising confidentiality
Errors and inefficiencies resulting from the manual entry of data, and
A failure to adequately inform the public about information collected"

unbelieveable in the conspiracy sense as to what purpose it would serve, given the resources behind the global medical coup, for such sloppiness.

think I've got it

"we all need a digital identity that cannot be hacked, with a government escrow encrypted passport."

or the SchoMo President of Australia Inc.

"we stuffed up, so we sign it all over to the WHO"

side note, a wonder they have not shunned and boycotted this vaccine hesitant bitch / joking

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-05-19/ ... /101078272
"Dame Olivia Newton-John has joined fellow Australian music legends inducted in the Australian Women in Music Awards Honour Roll, with icon Tina Arena performing a touching tribute celebrating the singer-songwriter. "

seriously, Olivia, Long Long Live Love (one of her earlier songs)
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Re: Western Australia tracking information not even encrypted

Post by Wicked01 »

Not surprised tbh,digital is the path to many more doorways…unlocked.
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