The power of thoughts and dreams

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Re: The power of thoughts and dreams

Post by Bendis »

The box with white butterflies

A prayer of a whole world writes our conscience of all.
Maintaining the expression "what a wonderful world" is the light we all hold in our hands and pass it from one to another, keeping the joy of living and the grace to guard the true.
Our endeavour of all is an assiduous resistance in the field of heart and soul in which we must resurrect the joy and gratitude towards this wonderful mystery called Life.
Events must show us the light, they must shorten our struggle in prayer when we sing in the canon of society, we must read during rest and bodily work to do only good, to think only in the hope of good, to be able to go through this provocative daily gospel with the endurance of an old and wise soul, with the celebration of looking towards the resurrection hours of the good times in which human beings create together with the consciousness of a whole world.

Joy is prolonged when we find the essence of life in whose master we are with the deeds we feel, calling for the healing of the world and the solemn call to peace.
As the conscience speaks to each of us, the Word speaks the password of life for all of us in this world.
Every moment measures the joy of shared change, foreshadows the virtue of a reality that we bless by building it with each journey.
The grace to have more indulgence and forgiveness for other human beings discovers us differently from the first hour to the eleventh. Let us receive and share the simple and promising joy of the sensitivity of our goodwill, to fulfil with care, life/

The tear of humanity divided from the infinite light in our universe that keeps the inner sensation, of the correct disposition of the soul,
carry us, the box of our white prayers in billions of butterflies flying to the stars.
The stellation of the harmony of consciousness in the light deserves us with every breath and we must recognize the white freedom of the butterflies of hope of an entire human race.


The altar of the beauty of this world can be seen through the window of our souls, where the light heals intensely in fragments of life, where every story receives a house and every human smile receives a sunny morning! (%)

The box with prayers in verse as moments of spiritual rest is at the window waiting for us.

The daily living ceremony through the living reality keeps us in the house, and we want to run barefoot to kiss under the Eifel tower, to tie padlocks of promises on bridges that connect hearts, to embrace nature in the living environment of wonderful overflow while swimming in its waters, as we fly in the gentle air, drink the living water of springs and sing merrily to the rays of the sun! <3

We were born to raise colourful balloons to the sky, to sing in the starry sky, to sleep in the shade of a tree, and to fulfil our nature with the Mother of Nature.
Destiny seems to tell us about a love story told differently, a love story for the stranger next to us, one in which we get up, dress nicely and go to follow our dreams!

You are a miracle! Forgive! <3 Love the love! Rejoice! and don't forget to write this moment in your travel diary!

It is almost impossible to be just a character in a book, you have to fight with honour when you write as a volunteer in your journal, you have to fight to the end with dignity, with heroism, with love full of attention and devotion , being grateful to the one who put the pencil in your hand, that's just you.
Put the pencil on a grace to wish the light of good for everything around you and write with the hand of the soul through the sacrifice of the responsibility to transform the lives of those around you into the most beautiful fairy-tale worlds.

Be aware of the supreme value of consciousness when you share your white Butterfly with the world! Ask for depth of soul when you want to learn from others what it is like to fly and write down the joys of the image of an entire world.
An image in which we will remember people who cried with us, who rejoiced with us who fought with us for every beautiful part of our souls.
The small pieces of white paper torn as if from our souls, revive our hope when they rise to the sky in the middle of the divinity of this wonderful planet that revives every expectation for every writing that proves the love of our soul in the midst of the soul of the other next to us.
The glory of writing only for the other souls gathers the hopes in a living one, rewrites the future and proves fragrant our merit to have the highest truths that we all deserve.


Let's try tomorrow, when we talk to others to reach out and shake hands with those with a pure heart, to express wonderful sympathy for them as living beings and to break pieces of words from our soul just to make them feel loved and understood, the energy is endless and the box with white butterflies in flight, is like magic always full. <3

One step is a single journey in perfecting thoughts in contrast and colour with beauty, paint the clock of your awakening in sharing with an entire world, wake up to be awakened by awakening an entire world, dance in the steps of awakening an entire world. (%)
Place your morning marathon in two-second steps in the middle of everyone's morning, smile in the wake-up space with the sun's rays.
Compare unique movements and mood swings always filling in landscapes of amazement of the dream of intense life in the light of joy.

I will take the joy and elegance of the waltz in the morning, this evening, in the series of inspiration of a thousand heartbeats for half a second in the emotion of the freedom to develop beauty on the plain of life!

Let's wait and see how it will unfold in the end, the first step is made in the sound of every breath in the hope of good, with every light on, during the transcendence of life the step becomes easier, expectations are intense in the dance of spiritual freedom, our rediscovery in the durability of the journey of macro-synchronicity, we finally find our twin dance partners who attract us as a supreme force of the universe in the genome of the waves of extratemporal explosion in us.

We all created this dance, we are all born from, the endless countdown of a cell, here, in us and in the universe the cell counts time and space, the connection flows in fractal sound creations, we just have to feel his human already our own vibration.
Everyone and absolutely everything that can exist includes our journey beyond the universe, the beauty of the smallest part of us creates the magnificent enigma of an entire universe.


The intrinsic and extrinsic therapy of capitalizing with our presence the whole art of life gives us the highest values in simple expansive emotions that contribute to the vitality of the universe near and from us, we only need in an inner space that belongs to us to we find an infinitely multiplied sense of reference to the superimposed origin in all the beauty of the true relativity of truth.
It may sound complicated or it may be easy, but the most important thing is the implacability of our own responsibility to feel.

In the quantum of poetry, the experience of some, might even be the sensation of tasting their own universe, but in the portrait of humanity we are the memory of every detail of imagination. Be me! <3

The invitation of encouragement in these times, and as long as we live, remains open, our journey in star birth visions,
it will miraculously size us, in steps of butterflies and fragments of free flight, where any synapse meets inspiration and love of life, where the impossible is interconnected to the grace of living this life.

In the spirit of painting a multiverse in every soul and in the nature of our human spirit united in a single consciousness, from sharing a single thought in billions of masterpieces of all good thoughts,


Only one conscience and one love,
And all this just to be human.
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Re: The power of thoughts and dreams

Post by Bendis »

Today is Monday. I'm at the end of the diary.
Who is ever ready? We have each other.
You are all the people in me, I am all the people in us all.
For all those who are no longer with us, for all those who are still with us, these are our final steps, get up and take them.

Your heart is as strong as the blood in me!
For all the billions of human generations on earth and in the Universe, join justice for love and peace!
You can't step in and out of this war, you just step forward, if everyone is so scared and you can't stand the screams anymore, always move forward; always ask yourself not how many of us will survive the collapsing system, but HOW we will learn to survive in a beginning that belongs to us...
You don't just have power ... YOU OWN YOUR POWER! draw love for humanity for all who will survive through you.

Do not forget that in overcoming divergence you must not stop it, but go with the wave, convergent but vigilant understanding...

The flow must be played with its own instruments, not as an opponent, but with an indestructible shield.

If you don't feel like fighting, don't forget that with the defence you advance strategically.
Do not forget the first law of your inner truth ... <3 , admit war, and make love with your own wisdom; focus your consciousness, be aware; do not wait for experience to teach you, take the lesson of consciousness in your own you, remember how human you are!

Train your humanity and discover the divine side, beyond any opinion of perception, step the Earth with grace and love.

If you think you are fighting in your dreams, if you think you are moving forward in your sleep,
if you think you've made a pact with the shadows, if you think you're aware of your life being stolen for a clover,
do not chop what is incomplete, nothing has an end and everything has a beginning;

I have died so many times, like you, thousands of human hearts are waiting for you and don't forget that saving someone from a mistake is a gift, a skill that we all have. Turning the other cheek is a challenge, a consequence in the vision of an answer already had.

This is not courage,
This is the rise of humanity! <3

Be with me! Be with me! Be with me! Be with me! Be with me! Be with me!


The moment carries its truth ... I just escaped and I'm with you!

And don't forget that no matter what it is, LIFE IS ALWAYS IN THE SERVICE OF JUST THE SPARK OF LIFE!

Don't be afraid ... if it's unknown ... why are you afraid?
Stand up, you are not controlled by anyone!

Show me you can do the "unknown"! You're already doing the Uncommon ... and you know it!

You don't need security, you have the comfort of being

Make three plans TODAY!
One in your vicinity, the other, for the family you don't have to give up (this is what they are looking for, helplessness and separation ...), the third, for everything that is alive and surrounds you!

Be your own first community together with everyone...say something but feel all...

Cosmology by Jo Blankenburg (Feat. Celica Soldream)
And all this just to be human.
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Re: The power of thoughts and dreams

Post by Bendis »

We must think neither against nor for.
The societal and mental reversal of an already twisted universe of realities was mismanaged.

ONE (uni) vers (o) was already enough /
7 billion realities are already scattered in many bio-diversity infinite gene- soul/
No one can conquer the diversity of the human soul; duality is not tested on such a scale; ancestral stories were tested by those who interpreted them with the history sold times...

If science has become more and more young and inexperienced over time, and religion has become in the absence of stolen time, too old to continue everything from a scratch from nothing explosive, then what are the chances of avoiding evidence without evidence?

For any socio-psychological statistics ... I have a question (not a thought): Do you think all this will end soon? Quality does not lie in the resources of a statement / through the laziness of the imagination, the line of the story becomes desolate, and people get bored quickly. Really.

In order to maintain an environment you cannot imitate the same modus operandi, some people are intelligent and in their silence work the quality of the soul on the fire of indestructible maintenance; to program a procedure of "change" in an insipidly dull manner, entails consequences as such...

If people are faced with an alternative between "True and False", how many generations does it take to apply the same methods, investigations and techniques to understand the ineffectiveness of the infinite volume of work itself? How much one can fail to understand that it is not the result that is desired ... but the work that is a (maybe) cure...

Doesn't all the series of data that form such a descriptive history of fakes, empirically lost out of control, give them food for thought?
This is not a dream, and thinking does not test hypotheses or projection parameters, creating work samples does not test perception, especially when you abandon perception with perception outside itself, it strengthens spiritual power.I just rethink my life bleeding, while living my dream without fear...

"Order and reason, beauty and benevolence, are characteristics and conceptions which we find solely associated with the SOUL of man".

...and..."they" have long since they lost their graphic sequence, so if you're there, you have the power to understand in multiple choices, set up your own test ... and "make every arrow count", that's why our protection lies in -human effort to put everything into what we aim for when we are targeted now...
Let's give the soul time to choose, stay strong, the rest is just opinion / .. anyway between a disease and a cure it is not a passport, if the disease kills, the treatment is a drug, both kill in too large quantities and the risk is to it becomes at least boring.

“Soar with wit. Conquer with dignity. Handle with care. ”
- Criss Jami, Killosophy

I have all the discography at hand, I leave my thoughts to whoever wants them, I keep my heart and I live my dream /
And all this just to be human.
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Re: The power of thoughts and dreams

Post by Bendis »

This is you, this is your natural state of being, you are so beautiful, so sacred, you have so much power in you, even in this moment streaming in peace, contribute in this moment, you raise the wave of love.

If with every thousand miles of our soul, we live every inch of life guarding our thoughts
then we could bring peace to our hearts.
If with every suspicion of perception, we fuel the fuel of the supernatural to the degree of divinity, to love unconditionally, then we are blessed.

Love is here, peace is here for you, don't wait for time, gather us around the Earth and connect our hearts as one.
This is the source- you, you are here with the Earth and the Sky, you are safe, you are Life, you are free, let's step in grace, over time, with passion to choose to be here!

Discernment is a surprisingly useful opportunity if we focus on creative things in the spirit of life, I think we can be charitable by sharing anything.

In order to be truly rebellious in the likeness of past and future generations, we, humans, can perhaps try to replace loneliness as an oppressive technical beast in a blurred individual future, with Nature of great solitude as the law of self-wisdom brought to the highest rank of divinity for the benefit of all.

Celebrate your self and presence here, grace your choice, let it flow...

Define yourself "you"- open your heart, just love!
Collect the healing and pass it on...

Open the new year with everything that is right for you, take care of everything that means living life, let's call it a year and move on!
Be gentle, be kind, be you.

I'm just saying, what do I know? I'm just teasing the truth, learning the future, dreaming about my dream, but I wish I could do it for as many people as possible.
"Better a curse from God than a blessing from Satan."
"I have a poet's heart: whether manifested through rage or manifested through grace, certain loves never really go away."
"Love the ones you love like there's no tomorrow. Literally."
And all this just to be human.
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Re: The power of thoughts and dreams

Post by Bendis »

The other words, from true dreams, are kept in our stillness and the silence that speaks.

In order for us not to harm any creature in the universe from now on, we must keep our sincerity in mind and true self in heart.
Never make claims to anyone or anything, do not reproach anyone. Do not blame anything on your destiny, your past, or your people. To all those who leave us or with whom we meet, let us transmit only light, love and harmony. If we do not do this, we will subconsciously convey disapproval, anger, or irritation.

The evil speech of a man poisons the mind of the one who speaks, after which it produces disturbances in his energy field and enters into suffering.

One of the laws of the universe is not to hurt a person even with a thought. When someone thinks that something bad can happen to himself or someone else, he brings all the misfortunes on the recipient, and the more they are actually represented, the greater the harm he causes. Do not respond to evil with reproach or reproach with reproach, but on the contrary, bless.
One does not respond to hatred and malice with malice, but with thoughts of love and light, hatred and fear, they unconsciously destroy, because they are constantly feeding on the rotten fruits of negative thinking.

A nervous man, who has high blood pressure, explodes in torrents of words, in lamentations, in an uncontrolled aggression that will affect those close or more distant who will unconsciously take over the negative energies that it emanates. This explains the illnesses of children who are extremely sensitive to the quarrels of their parents or subordinates and colleagues who have a choleric boss / colleague.

Also, all the surrounding objects are impregnated with the emitted negative energies, becoming problematic for all those who are in that environment, including the one / those who caused them. It is so important to become impeccable in thought, in speech, that is to think positively and say only positive words.

Usually, we release our emotional poison on the person we believe is responsible for the injustice done to us. In fact, we are willing to put the poison on any other person, guilty or not, just to get rid of it.

If you consider something bad, it automatically becomes bad. That is why it is said: you become what you think. Everything we think materializes in our existence.

The seed of all your deeds is found in your thoughts and words. Sincerity is the key. Seek to always express, by word, only what you feel and believe with all your heart that it is true. Choose to do only what is fully in line with your ideal. Be yourself in everything you think, affirm and undertake. And in order to achieve this, you must constantly seek to know yourself, to clarify your ideal, to give up unnecessary and harmful ideas, in other words to always become wiser. It is the greatest achievement of a person's life, which he can then communicate to those around him, even without words, only through what he is.
If dreams were written in the sky, then the connection between the physical and the spiritual realm could be real.
And all this just to be human.
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Re: The power of thoughts and dreams

Post by Bendis »

Just a kind of imagination "by default" between a kind of thought and dream.
Everyone has the mystique in him.

Just because it's "spirit," not because it's "science,"
escape velocity ... sounds good ... ventricular ... add flame; in the density of the lung volume push ether; in the kidneys flows power of water that unites, in the liver the ego grinds the earth in balance...impossible workable...
number and degrees chosen ... wow ... thoughts explode before words,
just imagine
choose the right half of the two:)...just a thought.

I take only the grafic...
Awaking Consciousness( 1:19)

In the expansion and contraction by the balance of a mental dowsing we will find,
without the ignorant ends of science,
the process of the greatest research, comes from the natural interior potential from the centre of the periphery of the widest curve from point A to point B; the same part of the shape, shape the land that we see.
Our nature sculpts.

In sequence A, the right weapon of the soul, in the suspension of the moving water of the purest reverse air in the earth, describes the myocardial vortex of the two receiving and offering funnels.

Imagine that you are dreaming, dreaming that you are thinking, fantasizing in the fibbers of your heart, wrapping your unpacking's, and put a paper clip between dream and thought; choose metaphor as a reason similar to proximity, choose the column of infinity in the metaphysics of a good spirit, for this accelerated deep world...
Choose inspiration, and make the uncommon, all in one form of opposite directions, two vortices, one soul, one choice, and all in:
- the elements of the spiritual bell transmute and bring the most original form of one prayer; people have space, clock, distance, movement, relationship, answer, question, mirror, geometry, music, measure of life, ether, vibration, field in the flower of creative abundance, the middle of infinity and fineness of soul example, vision and contrast of light, imprint in the gravity of the execution in the hot equator of the most extensive test, the end and the beginning.

“Who you are in public is a test of your conviction; who you are in private, integrity. ”
- Criss Jami, Healology

When everything counts and touches the sphere inside the heart of the reason of universal cube, the textbook of life denies and accepts any one hair degree investigation in the dimensional map, we scan it as we approach the correct inner minimum scale.

Take whatever form you want, if the earth receives you before the trans-embryo between, consciousness may be the forerunner of the whole universal acceptance in backup energy; we just have to get through the sieve of our own geo-soul dimension.

In most infinity loops, try the vanishing point at the right angle; it might be right now; give one's own prayer for the route that causes the cause, and the challenge after...

And all this just to be human.
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Re: The power of thoughts and dreams

Post by Bendis »

Life message

Let me fall, so that I can get up. I burn in the eyes of a friend, let me sing to you from my happiness today!

Happy for no reason.
In a world like an institution, human beings do not have to be a statistical study of the levelling of the ego through hatred, slow death, humiliation and absurdity /

The individual synthesis of each being tells us that we were born with the dignity of a life mandate, standing, Whoever knocks this down, knocks himself down

The prototype of the real human being within us is deeply rooted and unshakable
Whoever doubts this denies his own homeland of the soul.
The power to continue is only a very large extension of an even more difficult level that enables the revolution of an exponential wisdom with a filtering choice, of increasingly valuable consciousness.

The wall of silence in a lost struggle with a system, emphasizes the dynamics of "knowing" in a convergent way concave sense, in a refractory reflection of the 7.7 billion individual-common realities

The phenomenon of "world" in its true magnitude, is not won with drawn symbols, the context frames the whole dimension and the true preparation to become a man who walks on Earth. This stage cannot be avoided and extinction is just an illusion.

Since we call ourselves human civilization, feeling and thinking make the difference in making sense in the deep extent of the soul base we have.

The speed of the factors that make up the subliminal vortex of media representation leaves me cold.
I am not interested in making sense unless I consider all the levels, in a correct approach to operate in my own understanding, without perspective or perception.
Why use perception to perceive something made if my inspiration is free to go through my own inner process, which is in the experience of the painting.

Of course, the rather psychopathic advantage of putting value or measure in the so-called market economy equation is rather a "centification" of one's own reasoning sold to an illusion, a kind of rather tragic syncope that raises the stock market of the ego.

When we say that we humans "need", we must give up the system of government and replace it with self-immunity, in fact the paradigm shift involves "everything" at a sufficiently cooperative level.

The moment of soul preparation is just an immune moment to all times in the present, past or future /

The art of enrolling in simplicity is fascinating, but not every being can do it.

The meticulous and planned preparation of people for events is the discipline and coordination on a battlefield on which they operate with thousands of weapons and arguments, is practically, in the fulfilment of only half of the success.

Why bother.
If "because"- is one hundred percent, then -x, the result, lies in the flexibility to manage one's own consent to action, thinking, and reaction, and the dynamics of consciousness in the involuntary electro-plasma energy symphony.

If the enemy pleases you to fight according to his plan; then your flexibility is not a plan, it is just the speed with which you can adapt, change tactics or strategy; the important thing is not to aim for a result, not to predict the future, not to demand justice for the past, not to have orientation pillars, not to group minds in a single brain, not to have this wonderful possibility of diversity that the soul has offered us in the avant-garde of the picture called the illustrious "life". It's not a hunt, it's just a passage. (%)

Without any connotation, in fact, for me, and many, demo-c ration; and tyranny, actually encrypts the false reality, why would I go to the polarity of polls ... especially if trust is no longer a principle, and in fact, in this case, politics should be just an unimportant rumour..


If I remain immune to changes in society and want to persevere in the spirit I recognize in my inner strength,
if I do not become a faithful copy of society and I want to honor the tradition of the most expensive |material equipment
that makes up my space occupied by me in this world; if I sign every second "peace" in a holy treatise of the soul, and at the same time step on a minefield formed by the heroic times in which we are all, then the mission remains simple. <3

The system floods the ego and it is very difficult to gather many people who agree on one thing. Mankind has never been good at this. We only have some slow attacks on destiny.
Our beautiful planet is tasked with maintaining peace, while the corpse of the system formed by humanity on the scaffolding of self-destructive technological inhibition, wears for the last time the uniform of a dying falling stone.

Nothing can fund the loss of the "ethnicity "of the human soul, so fundamentally, not even in terms of meaning, not even the atmosphere, can transform something already created.

If I think of myself as "me", I can't say that I think clearly, independently I can be fundamentally wrong in thinking; but in the micro-symbiosis of consciousness of feeling equivalently, this emerging property represents all that encompasses "me", there is no competition and rivalry in the ability to just "be."

For me, the cost of losing hope told me how hard it is to change reality.

There is no study, attention, perception, retention of thought or effect of cause or purpose, when I had nothing, I found everything.

To be against rivalry (not by thinking), on a material basis of what gave birth to me here in a war, is a dangerous scheme for any course of life, but if I can actually calculate the scheme on the scale of my soul, not on the scale of personal values, it gives me the most beautiful challenge of sovereignty to present myself in this "world".

I'm here, in fact, mumbling about what the deep dreaming experience is.
I am just a poet who composes the color base of an artist who draws a garden, cooking the seeds of the heart as honourably as possible, leaving the mind for another time.

But I'm sorry that we humans are radically affected by our own environment that we have created, so theoretically, we are what "soft" - we wear.


The species has created multiple loopholes against environmental adaptation, now we are looking for survival dressed in ideological iron suits, and the "neuroplasty" of reality will engulf us; we are constantly being chased by our own consent and threatened in the future by our own choices.
That is why "Happy without reason" is the shade of new reference stones, without saying that it is irrational, it is first and foremost the primary artillery of the human soul.
And all this just to be human.
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Re: The power of thoughts and dreams

Post by Bendis »

I dreamed of the color of the wine in the stars, I met more insipid realities than any induced reality. The misinterpretation of the simplest mechanisms of thinking has taken on great proportions ... The wheel between black and white is not enticing enough for me. I mean, we all actually wonder:
"When are we going to get off the carousel?"

Being on the side of femininity, I think maybe we would have had war in the world only once; being on the side of masculinity I think this part needs to be taken care of more, more emotional comfort needs to be given to both parties.
We cannot think in terms of patriarchy or matriarchy, even if by mistake we cannot be called a civilization of this world.

Racism is induced by the system, the human race is one; the transparency of consciousness must be simple, without targets.
I dream in the deep color of my soul; I am the most immaterial of all the colors of time that my dreams have gone through.
In my dream, I am made up of a vacuum that I have accumulated coldly, in a dichotomous world where I know what I have to do, I prefer not to do anything.

Nature shows me in something absolute, my value is neutral, almost equal to zero, my path darkens in the appearance of this light.
In the grip of an avatar, I am configured in the solemn rain of a terrestrial rest.
In the dream, I am satisfied with myself, I am honest with myself.

Extraterrestrial, I am detached from all the scaffolding created by information, I am far lost in the virginal white that greets my transcendence as I write, I dictate, while I dictate, I write.

I find myself in the midst of the wisdom of emptiness, in the immensity of potentialities, I lack nothing, in the original consciousness, I am the orbit of my own path of liberation.
If the dream can turn into thought and thought in time, and time in space, and space in space in us, then time is actually in us, so the dream is real right now when I occupy my own space, the time is always late and I am always at the entrance to the past future of this present, so time does not exist, so neither do we exist, only the emotion that streams realities or neighborhoods of energy fields.


The emblem of thought in the ether, makes me think of a great artist, the general picture, it has conductivity, so it has the opportunity to lead a behavior.
My strategy before thought (I have submitted a million times that I throw my mind in the trash) ... the representation of my heart would be enough, in a dream, I have many enemies who lose their object of work because I have my own power beyond dream and thought.
I practice, first of all, sensitivity, receptivity, detachment and attachment regardless of polarities, the criteria differ ...
Tolerance and generosity, in the dreams of my soul, paint the ceiling of the greatest sign of peace and harmony
dreaming, I could go on, thinking I need landmarks, dreaming I mean the pure truth, thinking, I associate.
Temperance, devotion, mysticism and feminine intuition, balance and masculine compassion, dreaming I symbolize mystery, thinking, I can feel harmony, peace or meditation filtered by the intellect, anyway ..
my thinking is barren without me, dreaming, I look at immortality, now I am with me, but I do not see myself.
Inextricably, I am the labyrinth of my own liberation:
Dreaming, I take off thinking with the intelligence of the heart in the inner warmth of my soul;
Thinking, I dreamed of the explosion of the largest volcano related to the law of attraction.
Thinking that I am dreaming, I am the outbreak of the finest prominence of finitude in my space, the proximity of my neighborhood builds my truth about the sphere of light of the soul.

According to the archives of thought, I represent a kind of barbaric creature, the unsolved vanguard of the soul's distance, in fact denotes what we can each recognize, in our own abilities ... how far we can go towards ourselves, on real. The challenge is huge. Otherwise it wouldn't be fun.

Dreaming, I store all the mystery of the cosmos in my own universe, thinking, now what I do almost constantly and right now: "To do the unknown"

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist
And all this just to be human.
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Re: The power of thoughts and dreams

Post by Bendis »

About thoughts today ()

I made a list of all the resources I have, and I deleted the list instantly immediately /
I don't need objects, I don't need models, I don't need people with unconscious incompetence and inconsistencies in conscious competence, I don't need money, and I don't need to display qualities.

Sometimes I feel parasitized by the low abilities of some people, by self-instrumented cognitive bias through the ego, sometimes in the mass metacognition of knowledge, people become their own toxins, and assessing their own ineptitude in moving to another calibration is a mistake. ...of itself without any structure...
I need not to be: Accessible, motivating, realistic or objective ... I don't need anything (everything is a modified consumption, and I don't serve anyone as a wheat crop if I feel abused subtly mechanized ... my thoughts ? ... only herbicide imagination)
"I know you know that everyone knows how to set goals.

That doesn't mean the goals are being met. "

My cat has no targets. I don't need proof.

The positive way in which positivity positively objectifies the formulation of the positive, reminds me that I would not want to aggressively declare that I accept with intentionality something necessary to be positive ... relativity leaves me cold too, the remineralization of the mind is useful only in case in which I drink pure water from the healthy source of what belongs to me, otherwise, for the most part, "I throw my mind in the trash".

And how I know for sure that human nature is always to be selflessly against and for one's own nature, a rather ironically beautiful simultaneity.

So many moments are lost, uncontrollable and ridiculous, people have started to learn to be helpless, in the face of their own obstacles they become their own enemies, evolution has always been a digestive-cognitive spiritual constraint like...

The diagnosis of judgment demands the duty to ask, not to seek answers, the tolerance of inadequate education of the system builds the lack of a world at the edge of the abyss of infusion of arrogance lacking self-respect.

Discipline starts with controlling one's own thoughts.

Control the flow of information and you will control your actions.

Dreams: from the intensity of the imagination of the moment and from the cold moments of a beautiful dream ...
Multiplication over dream arcs ... an incandescence experienced almost like a phyllo-virus; taxonomy of the largest light source and morpho statement in sequences of extra conscious exponometry.
Cosminologically, the strobe-frequency generated by pilgrims through the maze of dreams, the situation always decides who I become because I always know who I am where to be;
Well, let me say I know nothing, providence has met me in dreams so often, in general, I have zero expectations and 100 per thousand acceptance/

I don't think there's a bigger mission than I am.
"Confidence moves mountains.
Uncertainty creates mountains. "

For the most part, I know how to listen, and I learn to learn, otherwise I am a concentration of native thoughts built to filter the filtering of consciousness ...
being ironic with myself, in my story, my life should be the dream I wanted somewhere else, renting in this field costs me too much.
And all this just to be human.
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Re: The power of thoughts and dreams

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bean wrote: Thu May 14, 2020 12:16 am I want to bring up this topic due to our inner thoughts and how we can connect with others both in awareness(thoughts) and unawareness(dreams) In awake life, I often think of people and then they suddenly contact me, close friends, but also acquaintances. I can decide of who I want to dream of before I go to sleep and connect with them. I can also decide not to remember my dream for a restful night. The experiences seems stronger when I detach myself from technology and yes communication like my phone as well. Could it be that all of us actually have this capabilities, but the modern world has pushed devices like smartphones/ cellphones/regular phones to disconnect us from our true gifts? I have always been very spiritual and I like to express myself through art. When I do this I go into a full detachment from all logic and everything flows beautifully. I don`t use any drugs or alcohol for the experiences. I think we humans after all are really beautiful souls. All of us.
Hope to hear if anyone know this experiences as well and to be on common ground. Love to everyone and
In Lak`ech
I was seeing this girl for 4 months she was from South Korea.
She went back to South Korea on the 9th April, since she left I dream about being with her in South Korea.
She misses me too & I feel closer to her now than when we were together in London.
In these dreams it’s very vivid.
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