I would like some advice on filing a class-action lawsuit

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I would like some advice on filing a class-action lawsuit

Post by masteryamon121 »

Okay..... i'm not a laywer. However, I am very educated in law in general. Can someone point me in the right direction to get this started in my local community? I don't know how to start.
What is the name(s) of the people getting this off the ground? Because I would like to participate. I don't know how to get started.
I wonder if I can act as a nodule for this idea. If I can get in contact with the right people; to help me out this with in my community, that would be great.

I think I thought of this idea in Febuary, however since no one else had done it; I guess I thought it wasn't possible Because: I am very poor and can't just do things willy nilly like a lawyer. I have immense finacial challenges as well as moderate health problems that I am constantly tackling all of the time. And I am already in a pending court case, which will be over soon.

I haven't done anything to help out yet because I haven't heard an idea that I liked or thought would be effective. I really like this idea and I feel like going for it.

I'm simply not going to put myself under the line of fire to lose; I don't like to lose. Enough of my life has already been wasted.
I'm 28 in the prime of my life. I should be traveling, having sex, having fun. Yet all of that has been stolen from me in various ways. If I were 50+ I would've hopped on the activism train right away and I would have the resources necessary to do that. Falling to the SSDI trap; the first words that struck me hardest that Max said when I saw my first video of his in 2017: " The disabled people in our society... these people are put last. In many cultures they're put last. They're kept well under the poverty line, and they're never really given a leg up in anyway". After he said, I felt so free and understood, and validated.

I'm in Boston. my name is Zack. Kudos to all of the much older wealthy gentlemen in my community for first preserving my freedom before I was born, and now someone on SSDI with schizophrenia is also going to be the one doing the right thing in the present day...... at 28....
This is one reason why I admire Max and David Icke so much, for being worried about the coming generations. My entire life has been stolen from me since I was born. I can't hold other people to this karma that I have against them for doing nothing to preserve freedom; unless I try. I myself am so worried about the coming generations, even though I have nothing to lose or gain from doing anything about it for myself. I can't in all good conscience do nothing for the children and everyone. Even though at this very moment, I very much still consider myself to be a child in all reality and wisdom.

In my own research I'm almost certain that schizophrenia is in ability to absorb vitamin B3, due to PHYSICAL* damage of the small intestines due to vaccines.
My parents didn't know they were bad. They were trying to take care of me. But I was always a rebel since I was 5 years old. I could always think clearly and I would ask questions. That led me to dropping out of high school, my dad put me in the mental hospital in 2009 because I was over 18, not in school or working. Surfed mental healt programs for a few years and assisted living situations. I've been on SSDI ever since, trying to escape the paradigm. Even ended up encaged in Costa Rica as a completely holistic approach for a leg up. Became homeless after that for 2 years. It took 2 years for my wealthy family to finally help me out and get me a place. 2 years for them to pay attention to me, and do the right thing. They were literally upset with me for not following the social security guidelines. They viewed me as a dissonant and wreckless person, not worthy of help ; for simply trying to improve my life and persue a relationship.
I found the one good woman who wanted to marry someone who was awake, she was awake; and didn't care about my status or money. So naturally I hopped on that one quickly. Even though she lived 3000 miles away hahaha.

Re: I would like some advice on filing a class-action lawsuit

Post by bezpilotnik »

I'm not a liar either. But I have some idea about law.

Let me present important fragment of law which may undermine your initiative. Most likely you are unaware of this law and importance of these rules. Talmud is far more important than domestic US law and most of Americans are probably completely ignorant in this area.
Baba kamma 113a, last paragraph (http://halakhah.com/babakamma/babakamma_113.html):

(...) as it was taught: 'Where a suit arises between an Israelite and a heathen, if you can justify the former according to the laws of Israel, justify him and say: 'This is our law'; so also if you can justify him by the laws of the heathens justify him and say [to the other party:] 'This is your law'; but if this can not be done, we use subterfuges to circumvent him.

This is the view of R. Ishmael, but R. Akiba said that we should not attempt to circumvent him on account of the sanctification of the Name. Now according to R. Akiba the whole reason [appears to be,] because of the sanctification of the Name, but were there no infringement of the sanctification of the Name, we could circumvent him!

In the second paragraph rabbi Akiba introduces idea of „sanctification of the Name” as stipulation. What is it about? It simply means that deceived Goyim should accept the rule. In the case of danger that Goyim would question the verdict and speak about Jewish (in)justice system in negative terms - rabbi Akiba advises to abstain from employment of the rule from the first paragraph.

Much depends on public opinion. I believe that COVID era is not a good time for class actions lawsuits.
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