Global Communications

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Global Communications

Post by aquascene »

A place for suggesting alternative communication methods for when they blackout comms globally.

I'm proposing a ham frequency of 454.545 UHF for us all.

HAM radios can be cheap as muck or very expensive. I bought 2 Baofeng UV-5R radios at €45 each.

Please post any other suggestions.
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Re: Global Communications

Post by Liberalis »

I have spent some time looking into this and i reached the conclusion that HAM radio seems to be the only reasonable contender as far as global comms go.

I am also interested to see if anyone else has any other workable alternatives.
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Re: Global Communications

Post by SeeD_Command »

Ground based couriers traveling with coded messages or microdots, a tested and age old proven tactic. HAM receivers are not a bad idea in case of a grid down scenario, but I would never transmit via HAM at such a time and would be highly skeptical of all messages from unknown sources. All licensed HAM operating stations will be seized, probably before anyone even knows what is happening. Any long range radio communications thereafter of unknown origin would quickly be triangulated and targeted. No doubt some of these HAM stations will remain transmitting under military intelligence in order to confuse and set traps for the resistance. Remember, any blackout of global communications or the blackout over a country or area will be deliberate!! It is the calm before the storm and probably the only clue we will get before the military martial law hammer comes crashing down.

Imagine! Communications control will be first. The police are immediately federalized. A lockdown similar to what we just went through is enforced with deadly force. No more cell phones nor internet. Nobody is allowed to leave their homes for extended periods of time. Government through military, control/restrict/surveil all communication. Food can only be obtained from military controlled collection points (wal-marts). Electricity is rationed and relegated to military and government functionaries and 'volunteers' (traitors). With only the propaganda channel on TV and radio, all the mechanisms of society will turn on the non-conformist (unvaxxed), but it always remain vague, undefined, and ever-changing. Forced medical 'evaluations' to obtain food certificates and water coupons with the threat of arrest (disappearance) the only other option. All of this will be what follows from the brief period of chaos caused solely by a blackout of communication.

A lockdown of all communication is the key to the success of their strategy, and they will seize all communications BEFORE anything else. You don't think they have a strategy and resources ready to go in order to deal with pirate transmissions?? I bet captured resistance snipers would be better treated then someone captured transmitting pirate information or simply attempting to communicate outside their area of military control in order to obtain information. As long as cell towers are operational in that scenario, they would instantly be able to triangulate and locate any source of electronic and radio communication.

In the event of a blackout, expect martial law and heavy police control over free movement with a zero tolerance policy. Get caught one time your disappeared, probably forever. This will be the time, if you haven't done so already, to prepare an area of defense and observation. Contact alarms, motion sensors, NV cameras (wired), non-electronic early warning systems, and most importantly, know the area inside and out. Prepare decoys in case someone wonders into your AO and elaborate escape routes in case of incursion (think Malaysian swing/ Firecrackers - M80's). Intelligence gathering for situational awareness always being the focus. Once your AO is secure then you should document the events taking place in your surrounding area. DVR-binoculars are a great way to obtain HD footage at distance, although get one of the old ones, nothing capable of cell phone or 2.4-5.8Ghz transmission. And long range voice recorders too!! MAKE COPIES on thumb drives, and courier them to prearranged collection and distribution points organized with groups or individuals in the surrounding areas. This way information can be distributed and received, group to group, county to county. It will be ESSENTIAL for people to get familiar and comfortable navigating (without electronics) at night, walking through the deep woods alone with night vision (LLI or IR) or not. I suggest to try it now while you still can legally, i've done it, it's exhilarating and fun. Learn to float down rivers at night with no flotation. I've scuba dived in the open ocean in the pitch black and swam into sharks (with my face) because I had to keep my flashlight off to avoid bloodworms. Trust me, floating down a fast moving river at night is nothing, the faster and rougher the water the better, helps avoid detection.

Anyways, I could go on all day long, but that is my thought on communication in the event of a blackout/ full overt police state takeover.
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Re: Global Communications

Post by HogTownHero »

There are ways around triangulation detection... it can and has been done before.
With the introduction of 5G and the myriad of cell towers, this has introduced signal overlap. And so triangulation becomes impossible if you know how to find a tower blind spot.

There is a way (in theory) to use multi band frequency to get blanket coverage from global to regional and onto local transmission. Shortwave (HAM) frequency is good for global coverage, but few people own a HAM radio, so you are limited in reaching a wide audience or group of resistance comms. You would have to have repeaters in operation (much like a mirrored website on the net).

You could use three frequency bands to accomplish this communications grid. From shortwave band (HAM) to citizen band (CB) to frequency modulation band (FM). Each would be piggybacked onto each other with repeaters. HAM for global comms, then CB for regional comms, and finally FM for blanket local coverage... literally every home, or vehicle of every sort has a FM radio receiver. FM radios are everywhere quite literally. And you can buy FM transmitters for $20 at any electronics store. The signal is weak, but you can boost them with a few tweaks, and you would and could put them on every corner or in every car or household. There would be no way to kill a signal unless you killed everyone of them. The CB band can carry several miles, and you can put a CB transmitter in your backpack with a marine battery and a solar re-charger. From HAM to CB to FM... the resistance comms grid.
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