Crrow777's lunar wave research...

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Crrow777's lunar wave research...

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You may know of Crrow777 via his telescope work. Crrow filmed the Lunar Wave event during the supposed Northern Hemisphere's Spring Equinox back in 2012 and again in 2013. His footage shocked the world and caused a surprising backlash from the scientism community that demanded he retract his footage because it did not fit the fake cosmology we've all been programmed with all our lives. Despite massive censorship, Crrow kept it up and kept investigating.

Crrow777's lunar wave research has since been validated by telescope operators all over the world. Eventually, Crrow founded an Internet show: where he has taken his best content and teamed up with another great researcher, Jason Lindgren. Crrow and Jason's shows are some of the best on the Internet. They typically offer half of their shows for free online ( and the other half on their own hosted site: Crrow777’s website:

Recently, Jason and Crrow777 completed a film containing all the astounding footage of the skies that Crrow777 filmed over 10 years with his telescope. This is the link to their Astounding Film: Shoot The Moon:
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