Traits Of Old Souls – Are You One?

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Traits Of Old Souls – Are You One?

Post by bean »

Also another article, an easy read on traits of old souls (%)

"You may have felt different your entire life, as if your mind and spirit were far in advance of the aging of your physical body. People might have commented about how wise you are or how mature you come across, and you will have probably agreed with them.

What makes you an old soul also makes you a very beautiful person; how you see the world and how you act accordingly are very fine qualities to have. You should be proud of being an old soul because while it is sometimes a difficult role to embody, it comes with great power and responsibility.

Without further ado, here are 10 of the most notable old soul character traits that make you so special.
1. You Seek Wisdom And Knowledge

One of the most striking traits that sets old souls apart from the rest is their insatiable appetite for wisdom and, to a lesser extent, knowledge. You will likely be a sponge with legs, soaking up the teachings of those wise heads that have come before you so that you might better understand your place in the cosmos.

Your home is probably as much book as it is brick, with vast libraries of literature either already digested or waiting to be consumed. You place a great deal of value in trying to expand your mind and learn new things, not being content to rest on your laurels.

2. You Yearn For Personal And Spiritual Growth

You have such an appetite for information because you feel a pressing need for personal discovery and growth. Your mind is packed full of questions that you’d like to answer, and you see the journey to find those answers as holding great purpose in your life.

You are forever challenging your own beliefs as you go, refining what you value, what you desire, and what you ultimately live for.
3. You Think A Great Deal

To find wisdom within yourself and to enable the growth described above, you will often sit and ponder the universe and everything in it. Yours is the type of thinking that goes deep, much deeper than most others are able to achieve.

It is not unusual for you to get so engrossed in a thought that the world outside seems to almost disappear for periods.

4. You Often Reject The Mainstream

The celebrity culture, popular music, fast food, high fashion – these are just some of the things that you struggle to get excited by. You are generally indifferent, and sometimes downright opposed, to the lures of the mainstream and see them as barriers to true freedom.

You find yourself more drawn to alternative circles, conscious consumerism, and a more wholesome way of living.
5. You Cherish Time Away In Nature

Whether you live in the city, the suburbs or out in the countryside, you feel a deep sense of connection to nature and put great value on time spent among it.

You most easily find peace in nature and feel energized and enthused every time you are able to interact with it at great length. You can see yourself one day living close to nature so that you may enjoy its soothing effects on a daily basis.

6. You Trust Your Intuition

The wise head that sits atop your shoulders makes you appreciate the importance of intuition. You understand that the unconscious mind holds a vast wealth of information and experience within it, and this means you trust your intuitive side when it comes to making decisions.

You know that it will always have your best interests at heart and that it will keep you treading a path that is right for you.

7. You Are A Great Listener

Your friends and loved ones often come to you for advice because you have a natural skill when it comes to listening. You take the time to really consider the troubles faced by others and attempt to provide the most effective counsel possible based on the wisdom you have gained and your desire to see others happy.
8. You Don’t Hoard Possessions

You struggle to get excited by material things and tend, instead, towards a very simple taste that seeks practicality over appearance. You are not materialistic and don’t feel the need to indulge in consumerism any more than is necessary.

You don’t own lots of clothes, you see no need to splash out on luxuries, and your home is styled simply and sparsely.
9. You See The Bigger Picture

However few or many years you have been on this planet, you have always been able to see life through a wider lens than most other people. You recognize that your life is but a brief spark in the infinite fireworks display that is the universe.

This ability to get a broader perspective on things means you are more open to the many opportunities that exist around you. Your gaze is often fixed far out beyond the bubble that you occupy physically, on the ceaseless symphony of life elsewhere.
10. You Appreciate The Interconnectedness Of The Universe

You have long since understood that the world is not a cosmic collection of utterly separate individuals. You know that every single element interacts to form an infinitely complex web from which existence emerges.

With this knowledge, you respect each new thread you create in this world and seek to minimize any negative impact you might have on the whole. You show concern for others and for the environment; you are pro-peace and anti-violence; you choose to spread as much love and warmth as you can because you know how far it can travel." ... beautiful/
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Re: Traits Of Old Souls – Are You One?

Post by RoamingEopeton »

Hmmm...let's see...:

>1 -- Yup, definitely me! I also seem to have almost as many interests as I have books, too, but not a single interest, though, is any more predominant in me than the others, which has made it exceptionally more difficult for me to find something career-worthy.

>2 -- Aside from being lulled back to sleep during my 12 years of indoctrination, I know I had quite a lot figured out when I was very young and since enrolling in university, surprisingly, I've really been true to that and periodically altering my stances and beliefs as I learnt newer things online.

>3 -- I definitely dream a great deal! My mind also likes to natter and wander about, all over the place....

>4 -- I definitely never fit in with the mainstream, I know that much (I got bullied periodically through grade school, and never had very many friends, ever)! I've also never been into the pop culture and such crap, so that much is true....

>5 -- I've always enjoyed time in nature, but have never actively sought it out; but, I have always wanted, and quite enjoyed, to travel, and often even feel drawn to the kind of vagabond-like traveler or wanderer. Much like Max, I've mostly felt like an outsider who never could really fit in with society.

>6 -- Actually, I never really paid any heed/mind to intuition...until very recently (like, the last five years or so); I don't remember (anymore) doing so as a child, and even now I'm still trying to figure it out.

>7 -- I'm only really a great listener because I actually can't small-talk or engage socially as normal people can (I probably have some kind of Autism, like Asperger's...); even so, however, no one's ever come to me to spill to or for advice, likely due to that fact....

>8 -- Yeah...I'm somewhat of a hoarder, overall...! I have an extensive rock/mineral collection, an equally extensive book collection, and my room is full of papers I've stored up of all my artwork, school work, and all other sorts of work I've done over the years. That said..., I'm also quite a claustrophile (I love tiny spaces) and would love to just live in a small RV or tiny house, and I also still have a rather conservative collection of clothing overall.

>9 -- While I can see a better world possible, I suck bad at figuring ways to get there....

>10 -- I've only really understood that recently, and even now I struggle at being a beacon of Love and Light where I am. I've been able to adopt a mindset of not letting anything get to me, and have since found that far less stupid and embarrassing stuff ends up happening to me overall.

Guess I may be a newly-formed Old Soul...?

Anyway, thanks for the post, Bean!
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