Astrology Combined with Archeology

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Astrology Combined with Archeology

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I've been watching these channels the last couple of days and what they are finding in the ground whilst using starmaps is just amazing!

NautilusNews can pin point allmost every starmap figure just by using google earth.
Mudfossils University (Roger) is working closely with Tyson on trying to figure out how big these things were. They are also connecting completely different regions to the same creature.

Just mind boggling!
Enjoy :)


Mud Fossils - Star Charts & Celestial Maps are Terrestrial Land maps We Live on the Constellations

Mudfossil University ... UN_XlUMpew

Colossus Certified Biological in origin by MFU

Tyson's Mudfossil Adventures ... yvbrbMvvCA

The Biology of Earth.#01
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