New CPU vulns published days before Cyber Polygon

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New CPU vulns published days before Cyber Polygon

Post by BananaMulcher »

I will be perusing the documents which find their way public from the exercise they hold tomorrow. Interestingly, it has been announced this week that Intel processors may be vulnerable to being entered into a debug mode, originally intended only for chip engineers, through speculative exploits found back in 2017. Manipulating CPU instructions directly can give an attacker an extreme degree of control over a device, in an undetectable way, even by Intel's own Management Engine (which carries its own assortment of remote control possibilities).

If anyone knows where WEF may publish additional materials post-simulation, beyond the public drivel for Joe sixpack, please share. It would be pertinent that we connect dots, where they may apply.
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Re: New CPU vulns published days before Cyber Polygon

Post by Liberalis »

Sneaky bastards! Definately something to keep an eye on. Like you say, if they can gain control over a CPU then that is bad news.
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