Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

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The Just Ai Website- NEWS ABOUT Artificial Intelligence


Just Ai


Everyone should keep tabs on websites like this...
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Re: Artificial Intelligence

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Re: Artificial Intelligence

Post by bezpilotnik »

The name „Artificial Intelligence” is typical #Newspeak.

The idea certainly is not new. HG Wells knew a lot about the evolution of the world, was talking also about modern Artificial Intelligence:
IMHO this is PsyOp. There is no Artificial Intelligence, there is or there are (sophisticated) computer program(s) with access to enormous databases (as prophesized by Wells).

AI narrative suggests that Artificial Intelligence is simply a new nick for an old fellow, namely Yahweh. AI like Yahweh:
- rules the world or wants to be ultimate ruler;
- can be incredibly cruel;
- requires absolute obedience.

AI is simply a new nick for old fellow and is used in the implementation of the world religion. We know a lot about this religion, plenty of people already believe that. More here (The Meaning of the World Religion): viewtopic.php?p=10450#p10450

AI is Newspeak. Newspeak is a powerful tool in social engineering.

Despite the name „Newspeak” this is very old tool, probably as old as civilization. Government is about mass mind control, Newspeak is simply an instrument of social mind control.

Perfect example of millennium old Newspeak comes from Russia.
In Russian language name for Sunday literally means „Resurrection”. This name was introduced over thousand years ago with Christianity. Newspeak technology came to Kiev (leading Russian city thousand years ago) from Bulgaria and from the Roman Empire (Constantinople).
Demonic idea behind this name for Sunday was most likely to commemorate (alleged) resurrection of lord Jesus one Sunday morning in Jerusalem. People were forced to internalize Christian dogma in everyday life. Finally they became Christians :-)

The name „Artificial Intelligence” for computer program supported by databases serves the same purpose. Mind control instrument. St. Josef Göbbels was teaching: a lie repeated thousand times becomes the truth (like Sunday=Resurrection). Finally AI will emerge as ruling #Egregore in the minds of sheeple.

Be careful with Newspeak!
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