Surveillance state is closing in on us.

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Surveillance state is closing in on us.

Post by goldrunner1 »

Last night at around 7:00 PM we had someone at the door. My first thought was it might be one of those pesky vax pushers that are rumored to be going door to door so the hair on the back of my neck was standing up when I went to the door. When I got to the door there was a young lady offering spy camera door bells. She initially used the line that some of my neighbors where having incidents and were going to be installing these. Of course for my safety I should have one of these installed immediately. I knew right away what this was about so I let the young lady know that my two rottweilers were just on their way up the stairs and I thought it was best she disappear before they got to the top of the stairs. Slam!

I recall reading a couple of years ago that Amazon was contracting to install these everywhere for our safety of course. Then I realized if I had one of these installed (which I would never do because it would be like having a government snitch sitting on your front doorstep 24/7) that when they do the next set of lock downs the psychopaths would know not only if you left your house, but what guests were coming and going. Also if your neighbor across the street has one they will be able to watch your property for the same reasons. I know this for sure, the sheeple that were lining up for the jab in droves will be installing these ASAP because they need the good old secure feeling that the government is looking after their best interests and there to protect them.

Plan accordingly.
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Re: Surveillance state is closing in on us.

Post by BananaMulcher »

Let's dispel the notion that having home security cameras necessarily has to translate into having web-connected, centralized, monopolized police state cameras. If you want such a device, consider setting up your own on a home server with a free-libre solution like motion and perhaps some ethernet cams.

Part of the reason we are living through this nightmare is due to people not wanting to learn true technical literacy.
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