New Variants in Australia ????

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New Variants in Australia ????

Post by madcamqld »

The Fables Continue but they are starting to fall apart.

Officials have been quick to ramp up the hyperbole on the severity of the new variants, but there's no evidence to support their claims.
Here's a guide to the variants and their impact on Australia, by @AmberMaySchultz

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Re: New Variants in Australia ????

Post by Liberalis »

I don't think we have had an Australian variant of the fake covaids yet so maybe they will invent a Wollongong variant or something like that soon :tongue:. This whole thing gets more absurd by the day and yet the sheeple STILL fall for it!!!

This last 15 months has really shown us just how many morons there are in the species. I didn't think the numbers would be this high! I am fairly confident that there will be light at the end of the tunnel but in the mean time, we have some serious darkness ahead.
"In the age of information, ignorance is a choice"
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Re: New Variants in Australia ????

Post by paul 111 »

Yes well said its going to get really bad before people start to really wake up. i saw a sky news video on YouTube that said the Andrews government are trying to make the state of emergency legislation permanent lets hope they don't succeed but that will wake the people up.
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