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Fred, Freds mum, Nick, and anyone from that circle, PM ME

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Edwina, who you must know, has asked me to pass this on to you!


Isabella's third husband, Janet, was contacted by Wayne (the second cousin) and through Nancy, Nigel, Niles, Nick and Nora was informed ....
The dog has the oven but the cat still holds the baking tray. The rabbit needs to share the pellets into the chicken coop and cannot without the fox being distracted. If the rats are disturbed by the emf then maybe the kitten will convince the cat to cooperate with the dog? Is it possible?

I have no idea but he said it was important for you to see!
'Those who danced were thought quite mad by those who could not hear the music'
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Edwina? I haven’t heard that name for a while.
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