Popular Mechanics from 1902

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Popular Mechanics from 1902

Post by Boadicea »

For Those of us that Like to Investigate.

I See the Hearst Corporation Took Control of the Periodical in 1958 so there's that...
But the Older Ones are a Treasure Trove.

I'm Specifically Looking for an Artcle I saw Several Years Ago about Stone Carving Machines that Did the Detailed Template Scrolling on the Old Building Facades.
World's Fairs, Tartarian Style etc.
Knew I Should have Archived it at the Time.
Now I Can't Find them Again...

Popular Mechanics 1902-2016
Popular Mechanics was a magazine published in United States that focused on Engineering - Engineering Mechanics And Materials, Engineering.
Mechanical Engineering and Technology - Comprehensive Works.

This collection contains microfilm published between 1902 and 2016.

https://archive.org/details/pub_popular ... %221903%22

Carnegie Britains Reign has Ended - 1903-06-27.jpg
Carnegie Britains Reign has Ended - 1903-06-27.jpg (90.36 KiB) Viewed 125 times
Giant Trees Cut for World's Fair.jpg
Giant Trees Cut for World's Fair.jpg (171 KiB) Viewed 125 times
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Re: Popular Mechanics from 1902

Post by BananaMulcher »

I used to read Popular Mech/Science growing up, and it was by that point a groundhog day of "flying cars... only five years away?!". Looks like the OG issues actually once had pertinent information. Nothing is safe from the great dumbing down of society.
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