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This is not about free electricity in the 1800ies but in the 1960ies.

Mainstream historians in Russia talk about cold nuclear fusion developed by Ivan Stepanovich Filimonenko (Иван Степанович Филимоненко) in the 1960ies (I know the story i.a. from prof. Andrey Fursov

Cold fusion did not produce radioactive waste, was scalable because the process was carried out in low temperatures and was able to produce almost unlimited energy for the country. The project was killed by Soviet leaders. In the 1970ies Soviet Union was offered the opportunity to sell oil on global markets (cash cow after 1973 Oil Crisis).

Plenty of articles in RUNET: ... &lr=106645
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Re: Free Electricity

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Thanks, this is very interesting. Has anybody here actually made one themselves?

BTW, I´m new here. Didn´t know of this forum until today, though I followed Max for a while now.
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Re: Free Electricity

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The following PDF shows several free electricity devices, explaining their operation and construction. This was prepared by Patrick Kelly, and electrical engineer, who passed on several months ago. His website has been taken down by someone else. Please download and sharre: ... mpleFE.pdf

Thank you so much, Patrick - you are missed indeed!
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